White Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields Miss America 2017

Affirmative action took a punch in the gut Sunday night, as a white Miss America was crowned. Yeah, there are some nasty Tweets by feminists (I saw one by the loathsome Sarah Silverman, for example), but who cares.

Excerpt from NBC News

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Savvy Shields, Miss Arkansas, is the new Miss America.

Shields topped a field of 52 contestants to win the crown and the title of Miss America 2017 on Sunday night in Atlantic City. She succeeds the outgoing Miss America, Betty Cantrell.

Shields performed a jazz dance to a song from the TV show “Smash,” for which she won a preliminary competition earlier in the week.

The pageant from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall included contestants from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico — as well as the first openly gay contestant.

When you visit #missamerica on Twitter, this Tweet has been at the top of the page all day. Great work by a great saboteur, getting our message out.

12 thoughts on “White Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields Miss America 2017

  1. Sorry, no “Miss” material, I dont care if shes white. She looks and probably is older than 21 and looks mannish. Nothing feminine or natural about her face. If this is what America has when it comes to beautiful white women, obviously we’re doomed. As for such “contests”, no need to elaborate. This is not a victory for the white race, its exactly the opposite. Dont get drunk on cold water….

    • I disagree Christinne…..she doesn’t look mannish at all. She’s a pretty, slim, blond white woman. It’s so nice to finally see a pretty white woman win the pageant instead of some mystery meat who shouldn’t have been there to begin with.

      • Savvy wouldn’t be my dream girl in my youth, but the point you make is the point I was trying to make. An attractive white girl rather than the lesbian contestant or the horrible looking Asian offers a good representative that truly speaks to our country’s founding stock. She’s a sorority girl too, which I find amusing since universities today hate sororities because they encourage white solidarity.

  2. OMG !! They elected a hetero woman as Miss Amerika ??? OMG ! why they didn’t elect a black one legged bull dyke as Miss Amerika ??

  3. “loathsome Sarah Silverman” is the real Miss America. She represents those that run the USA and have done for more than 100 years.
    “Shields performed a jazz dance to a song from the TV show “Smash,”
    This has to be bad. It is a new TV show so must be vile Jew poopaganda. I have never seen it of course. What about jazz, where did that come from? Niggers.
    Popularised and sold for big profit by Jews like Irving Berlin.
    Niggers have brought something to white countries, besides diseases and violence. Degeneration back to Ape levels.
    They were playing this ape Jew music on the Titanic in 1912 and white people were dancing to it.
    From Jewornotjew a clownish site that denies many Jewish serial killers with hook noses are Jews, such as Son of Sam. BTW 12 is a very high score on the site.
    “Irving Berlin

    Jew Score:
    (Israel Isidore Baline)
    May 11, 1888 – September 22, 1989
    Everybody sing!

    I’m dreaming of a white Chanukah
    Just like the ones I used to know
    With dreidels spinning and children playing
    For gelt with their golden glow

    And I’m dreaming of a white Chanukah
    With every candle that I light
    We’ve eight days to be happy and bright
    So may all your Chanukahs be white.

    Verdict: Jew. “

  4. Leon Czolgosz was a Jew who assassinated President McKinley, working for Rothschild. Anyone who thinks Bro Nathaniel is false opposition should read this. Alex Jones will never tell you the history of the Federal Reserve and why McKinley had to be killed and the Jew loyal Roosevelt dynasty had to be crowned Kings Of The USA. By the Jews.


    From above….”JEWS SWARMED OUT OF POLAND AND RUSSIA beginning in the 1880’s.”

  5. MrE3000 says: “The Miss America Pageant has been infiltrated by Secret Illuminati Trannies since 1984 when Vanessa Williams took the crown and staff and sat on the throne. This trend continues with Savvy Shields who was crowned winner on September 11th, 2016.”

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