Latino Cousins Decide to Test Bullet Proof Vest, One Dead


Here’s another nonwhite idiot that the taxpayers will be supporting for the decade or so he’s in prison.


TAMPA, Fla. — At about 10:04 p.m. on Saturday, Tampa Police responded to 2407 Gordon Street in reference to a report of a person shot.

Officers found 23-year-old Joaquin Mendez outside of the house with a gunshot wound to the chest. In the house, officers found blood and a bullet proof vest.

Alexandro Garibaldi, 24, stated that he heard a gunshot and found Mendez outside with a gunshot wound. However, a witness described a different scenario.

According to the witness, Mendez sat in a chair and put on a bullet proof vest, and wondered aloud whether it still worked. Garibaldi took out a handgun and said “Let’s see.”

and shot at the vest worn by the victim. The vest was found in the house with a projectile entrance hole.

Mendez was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries. Mendez and Garibaldi are cousins.

Garibaldi has been charged with manslaughter with a weapon and felon in possession of a firearm.

Latinos have that Que Sera Sera mindset. Whatever will be, will be.

One thought on “Latino Cousins Decide to Test Bullet Proof Vest, One Dead

  1. Tragic. My ex-husband and I are doomsday preppers and he is fifth generation Texas MEXICAN. We have bulletproof vests, weapons and ammo.

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