BACKFIRE: CNN’s Wolfie Blitzer Tries to Get VP Pence to Call DAVID DUKE Deplorable

Disgusting conservative (((John Podhoretz))):

If Mike Pence knew David Duke, he might LOVE David Duke, one of the most unfairly demonized men in American history. Still, I commend Mike for refusing to fall into (((Wofie’s))) verbal trap. He’s proving to be a pretty smart guy.

6 thoughts on “BACKFIRE: CNN’s Wolfie Blitzer Tries to Get VP Pence to Call DAVID DUKE Deplorable

  1. Wolf Blitzer, Jew. What sort of a name is that for a Jew? Adolf Hitler loved being called Wolf as a nickname and called his own forward military HQ “Wolfs Lair”. Blitzer, German word for lightning and known especially for Blitzkrieg.
    So we have a lefty Jew with Hitlers favorite Christian name and surname representing Blitzkrieg or Lighting War.

    From some Jew site called tabletmag dot com……
    ” Blitzer’s installment, which aired last week, runs at two speeds: sacchrine and deeply moving. Wolf (née Zeev, the hebrew word for the animal) begins his 14-minute journey in Buffalo, N.Y., where he grew up, and where adoring locals actually chant his name when he walks into a bar. The second, more sobering segment features Blitzer traveling first to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and then to Auschwitz and the surrounding town in Poland. ”

    Here is one Jew comment posted in the Saboteur above “The man who wants to be VP won’t say anything negative about David Duke. He’s either brainless, cowardly, servile, or a moral cretin.”

    This shows how Jews used to think in the days when they ran the Soviet Union. Fall in to line and denounce, or you will be sent to the Gulag.
    These days in the USA the Gulag might just being named, shamed, fired and divorced and denied any Govt welfare benefits. Maybe jailed as a hater or bombed by a drone. In the future just being white will be enough to be sent to the Gulag and be exterminated.

  2. Interviewees should never accept and agree with words put in to their mouth by Jew jounalist scum.
    “Do you agree that Duke is deplorable?”.
    If he says yes he is endorsing Hillary for President and forgiving her slur on hlaf of Trump supporters as fascists, Xenophobes etc. If he says no he is a Hitler and KKK supporter. Questions like this are always a trap. Like the famous one “When did you stop beating your wife”. Man says “I never beat my wife”. Next day paper says “Politician denies beating wife”. Some questions should not be answered at all for this reason.
    Interviewees should always answer with their own words and never accept any Jew Spew labels
    Pence did the right thing.
    He could have gone one better and said “I think all US people should research Duke for themselves and make up their own minds. He has his own website, which I have not seen personally. He left the KKK more than 40 years ago. He denies being a White Supremacist. Unlike many Hillary supporters he denounces violence. Just because Duke supports Trump does not mean that Trump or I support Duke. This is absurd. We have 100 million or more voters as supporters and every one has different ideas. How can we be associated with, or blamed for, all the ideas of all of those people? The same goes for Hillary, many of her supporters use violence to attain their political goals such as at our legal rallies”.

    The fact that most or all left wing Jews, Communists, trannies, Antifas, blacklivesmatter, nigger criminals, spies, traitors, homosexualists and feminists and rug munchers in the USA will vote for Hillary does not mean that she is a traitor or a nigger. Maybe that is not the best example. Probably she is both a wigger and a traitor to the USA.

    • McKinley was forced to accept Roosevelt as VP to get the “Jew vote”. Then a Jew killed the “hard money” President and the “easy money’ Jew lover Roosevelt got the top job. All downhill for the USA after that, in 1901.
      1963 murder of JFK got the lefty bum LBJ the top job. He did the bidding of the Jew. Then the 1965 Ted Kennedy law opened the floodgates for non white scum to invade the USA. tThe media said alomost nothing about the new law, it was kept quiet, as was the similar law passed in Australia about the same year.

      USA should ban ALL dynasties from getting the top job more than once, e.g. the son or daughter of a President should never be allowed to stand for the top job as with Teddy Roosevelt. His son killed tens of millions of people in a war most US citizens/voters did not want to have any part of. Nor should Hillary, the wife of a President be allowed to stand. Nor Bobby Kennedy or Ted Kennedy or George Dubya Bush or Jeb Bush just to name a few.
      Romney another clan. Maybe even Senators and Congressmen should have the same family ban This is nepotism and leads to corruption.
      This is cronyism and incredible close to a restoration of a monarchic system. It is actually an Oligarchy of the worst kind, not a democracy at all, like Cleon in Ancient Athens.

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