Alabama Monkeys Hold Peace Rally: Six Shot, One Dead

gate city birmingham alabama

Prediction: A liberal will find this story and come here to claim that because I used the word “monkeys” in the title that I caused the mass shooting in this story (and other stories) to happen. The usual comment reads: “It’s people like you that are the problem with America.”

ABC News

Police in Alabama say six people were shot, one fatally, after a peace rally at a public housing community.

According to (, police say the shooting happened at 8:25 p.m. Sunday at Gate City in Birmingham.

Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Shelton says that all six victims were innocent bystanders. The condition of the other five victims was not immediately available.

Police say the shootings took place about an after a peace rally ended in the community’s Lewis Park.

Police are investigating. Details about suspects and a motive were not immediately available.

I found this youtube video on the Gate City housing project. If you live outside the United States, please watch to get an idea of what American white people have to put up with. And don’t forget that we’ve turned over trillions of our tax dollars to try to rehabilitate these apes, all to no avail.

Did you watch the video? “They are just like us.” Right you liberal dumbass scum. These Gate City monsters need to be turned loose in every neighborhood in America that votes Democrat. You filthy bastards.

Segregation. Our ancestors knew what they were doing.

I believe this housing project is the same one my uncle lived in during the early 60s in Birmingham. It was all white at the time. There were no problems. My family and I spent a night visiting him. His name was Basil Huffman. He worked as a car mechanic. But many good, hard-working white people in those days made so little money that they had to live in public housing projects.

11 thoughts on “Alabama Monkeys Hold Peace Rally: Six Shot, One Dead

  1. Imagine throwing a case of loaded Glocks into the gorilla enclosure at your local zoo. Same difference. With the hats, clothes, finger gestures and “speech”, these nubs have become a parody of themselves. Beyond redemption. And we’re the “basket of deplorables.”

    • I cannot tell you hoe many cuck’d whites I have talked to who watch videos like this and say they are in solidarity with their afro-murkan brethren.

      I could not make it all the way through the video; it’s become where just the sight of these animals make me sick. Scary, but the housing project in the video I could have sworn was one of the two that are a 10 minute walk from my apartment and filled with the same sort of feral jungle beasts

      But dontcha know, it’s all rayciss YT’s fault that the noble black man has been condemned to live like this. Afrikans were once kings, astronauts, brain surgeons and gods

  2. “Sgt. Bryan Shelton says that all six victims were innocent bystanders.”
    How does he know that? They may have been shot for a reason. Nobody hits that many innocent people while missing the ones he is aiming at. Maybe these people shot were all uppity niggers making too much noise? That is a good enough reason to shoot them in self defense in my opinion. This is not legal advice and I am not qualified to give advice as to when it is legal to shoot a human being, or a nigger. I just say that if I was on a jury I would never convict anyone who shot a noisy inconsiderate neighbor.
    Noisy niggers are never innocent.

    Less rubbish on the ground there in that nigger neighborhood than in white man Eastern Europe. Probably in the USA paid workers, not blacks of course – would be collecting the rubbish and mowing the grass. No graffiti either, but if course I did not watch any of the video because “He that touches pitch, or watches niggers on YouTube, shall be defiled”.

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