Restraining Order Against 8 Year Old White Boy Bars Him from Attending School


With all the violence in schools perpetrated by large, dangerous black youths who seem to suffer no real consequences for the stuff they pull, this story seems outrageous.

St. Louis Today

HILLSBORO • An 8-year-old boy can’t go to school anymore after a neighbor in Hillsboro obtained a restraining order against him for allegedly threatening other children.

Peyton Whitehead must stay 1,000 feet away from six other children who are protected under the restraining order filed Sept. 7 in Jefferson County Circuit Court at the request of Cassandra Sutton, who lives nearby.

The order also says Peyton is banned from Hillsboro Elementary, at least until a court date Sept. 20.

Sutton lives two doors down from the Whiteheads on a dirt road in a secluded area of the county, where dogs roam and trampolines and swing sets dot the front yards of two-story homes.

According to the restraining order, Peyton punched a 7-year-old boy four to five times in the arm and threatened to “slice his head off” on Aug. 31. On Sept. 6, Peyton allegedly told an 8-year-old girl on the school bus that he was “going to murder her with a knife and throw her off a cliff” and kill her dog.

The next day, the order says, Peyton was beating his porch with a baseball bat and threatening two children with it. The document also says that Peyton told some of the children that his mom had a gun in her purse.

No one answered the door Friday at the Sutton residence.

Aaron Cornman, superintendent of the Hillsboro School District, said this is not the first time a student has been served with a restraining order, but that it isn’t a school matter.

“Hillsboro schools is not going to become excessively entangled in matters that arise between parents and patrons of the community,” Cornman said. “The majority of the happenings were on the block which the kids live on … (it’s) two parents that are having difficulty resolving their issues.”

Judge Troy Cardona signed the order Sutton sought, adding a condition that Peyton Whitehead not attend school. Cardona did not respond to an interview request.

Danielle Whitehead, Peyton’s mother, said the boy has said some inappropriate things but the allegations are exaggerated. She said neighbors are upset with her because she has complained about various code violations since they moved in last January.

“This is active retaliation against us because we’re questioning the bylaws of our little community here,” Whitehead said. “Unfortunately, my son was caught in the crossfires of that.”

Whitehead said Peyton was bullied on the school bus and threatened the children, but that they worked with the bus driver and the principal and thought the situation was resolved. Then police came to pull Peyton out of class.

“The plan was to work on it as a family and with the school counselor, but before we were able to let him talk to the counselor at school, these people went out there and filed a very malicious statement against my son,” Whitehead said. “I want people to know my child is the sweetest little boy you could meet in your life. He is new here and put up with the bullying as long as he possibly could.”

Whitehead said she will meet with a lawyer next week to discuss her options to get Peyton back in school. She said he won’t be riding the bus again.

Decent school administrators would call both sets of parents into an office, with the children present, and negotiate a deal that benefits everyone.

Our educational system is fuxated, possibly beyond repair. But then again so is the American family, often headed by a woman with no father present.

Thanks, feminists. For nothing.

10 thoughts on “Restraining Order Against 8 Year Old White Boy Bars Him from Attending School

  1. There HAS to be niggers involved in this. The neighbors and/or the judge HAVE to be “persons of color.” St. Louis? It’s just a “hop-skip-and-a-jump” down the road from Ferguson, MO.

  2. Were her neighbors “marrieds”? Were the other kids that he supposedly harassed “black” and/or children of ‘marrieds”?

    We need more information.

  3. Her house looks clean and the kid looks well-adjusted. It was not atypical back in the dark ole days of the Victorian Era for single mothers to be present as many men died on the job due to abysmal working conditions. As a result, there was sort of a cougar presence then:

    Just recently Spiked! online did an article about how The Rich are trying impose Victorian morality upon the middle and lower classes again.

    Will the Autistic Sociopathic Elite ever stop?

    Cougars have been on the rise since the late 80’s (think Cher) –

    Gee, perhaps it is because since the late 80’s, Working Class “Whites”, especially men, have been thrown under the bus via the scrapping of unions etc. and free trade and globalism. Work has become more ‘office oriented” and women do better there making $. So what is wrong with the older, more secure woman taking on a younger, displaced, blue collar type guy?

    Oh yes but we rip apart these couples because really we try to cloak our money-hungry greed and “i got mine but you can’t have yours mentality” behind MORALITY.

    How victorian (puke, vomit).

    Anyway, same with this woman. I have read alot about St Louis and how the city is basically “cracking down” on the poor and their homes with bogus code violations. Some azzzes in her hood probably reported her because !GASP! she is a single mother! Oh the horrors!

    But single men get bullied too……I had a male friend of mine take his daughter to the pool by himself and he was given all kinds of looks….do you not know y’all that a single man is always a pedophile or molester! Hell I have to tell my son to be careful not to pee out in the woods lest he ‘catch a charge” and be labeled as a sex offender.

    It is like this is Faux Facist Kwa

    Married = Good
    Nonmarried = Bad
    Single woman = whore
    Single man = pedophile
    Married, same age = good
    Married, older man – acceptable
    married, older woman = cougar

    Truth is too that there is no “single parent’ home….never was in the past…..grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family, half relatives HELPED. That was just fucking normal.

    Ah yes, Facism. Do let it die. It had simply stifled Dispersed Europeans and labeled plenty of GOOD KIDS as AUTOMATICALLY BAD.

    Oh but that is right, it is really not about the kids and families, but the good ole pocketbook.

  4. The words this boy uses show that he may be a potential psychopath. He might be a killer one day. Talking about, and threatening, slicing other kids heads off is worse than the punching.
    I wonder what TV and movies he is allowed to watch? What violent video games is he allowed to play?

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