Racist Obama Says–White Folk’s Greed Runs a World In Need (Video)

It’s his voice. It’s his book. Would this piece of shit say, “The Jew’s greed runs a world in need.”

This bastard needs to go away and stay away.

From the youtube information box:

Uploaded on May 17, 2010

He acutally said this and wrote this in his book! Amazing!

This video is one of my best finds. Please share with anyone interested in the truth.

5 thoughts on “Racist Obama Says–White Folk’s Greed Runs a World In Need (Video)

  1. Spoken like a true white supremacist. White supremacy is pathological!!!! It’s fear of genetic annihilation and definitely fear of a brown planet. If you hate multi-culturalism then why in the hell did you go to New Orleans when one in every eight so called white person in the state of Louisisna has negro ancestry that can be traced back to the past 11 generations. You need to go recite the Serenity prayer because you appear very troubled.

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  3. ““The Jew’s greed runs a world in need.”
    Yes it does. There is a type on ongoing slavery and it is not run by whites but by Jew Supremacists. I am a Socialist Nationalist (SocNat) so I can agree with Bernie Sanders that “the business of Wall Street is Greed”.
    Jews create fake money by the trillions of dollars which is then distributed to all those lucky enough to live in the West, but only if the country concerned goes along with unrestricted shitskin immigration, abortion of whites, pro Israel, heroin illegal, poofter marriage legal, and so on. Most of the fake money goes to the military and numerous crony capitalist “for profit” businesses. The US military pisses trillions of dollars of borrowed from the Jews fake money up against the wall, with nothing to show for it except wrecked countries.
    So who makes this coffee, chocolate, bananas and so on not to mention Nikes and iPhones?
    Answer is, Third World barely paid slaves, billions of them, black, brown and yellow including many children. Why are lefties not angry about this slavery and exploitation by the Jews?
    The West buys real goods from these poor slaves using counterfeit money. Crooks and middle men make millions while doing no actual work.
    Every non working single mother, alky, druggie, bum or Coon on welfare lives the good life on the back of hard working slave people throughout the planet.
    Enslaved by the Jew monopoly power of money creation and distributions, the most powerful monopoly on Earth. As though only IQ95s can be trusted to handle a nations entire wealth. Jews are the worst people to entrust with this wealth, better to let the Italian mafia run the Central Bank. They would do less harm and be less greedy.
    The Jews could include Zimbabwe and Venezuela n the free US dollar racket but they do not. To do so would burst the babble of the US dollar Ponzi Scheme which is backed by nothing except the sweat of billions of slaves around the world.
    No wonder the slaves want to down tools and go West, and get twenty times more money without working any more. Why do so few do it? Why not one hundred million or more every year? It will happen and soon.
    The West is a Cargo Cult.
    Did aliens take over the world, like some Twilight Zone episode? It feels and looks like it.

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