Journalist Fired from Huffington Post Exposes (((Oligarchy’s))) Plot To Elect Hillary

The youtube truth video embedded at the bottom of this post is picking up at least 20,000 views an hour as I’ve been putting this post together. It’s worthy of the exploding view count.

The recent article at Heat Street features five journalists fired for criticizing Hillary Clinton. One of those to feel the wrath of the Clintons was David Seaman.

In Seaman’s video embedded below, he compares what the mainstream media is doing to the public to gaslighting, the psychological torture that makes a person doubt his sanity.

Seaman frankly admits that he doesn’t understand why the powers that be want to see ONLY Hillary Clinton in the White House. He claims that something very strange and unprecedented is taking place.

I think it’s pretty easy to explain. Hillary is bought and paid for. Bernie wasn’t. The Donald isn’t. Hillary will do exactly what they say. If she dies or drops out of the race, believe me, Tim Kaine was sufficiently vetted so that he too will be that puppet on a Jew string.

I’ve seen another of David Seaman’s videos. He’s good. Infowars or Breitbart should hire him and turn him loose on Hillary. It would be so much fun to watch.

7 thoughts on “Journalist Fired from Huffington Post Exposes (((Oligarchy’s))) Plot To Elect Hillary

  1. OVERHEATED – ??? … Hmm…

    Isn’t this finally a proof that she is a mental reptile? She doesn’t sneezes, this crawling monster just sleazes. Her “limo” is evidently an ambulance van, painted black.

    David seamen said he mathematically doesn’t see her victory, but no worry, Soros sees he victory, it’s already settled – electorally, as he stated. If Americans would swallow such eventual crap peacefully, than … I have no words for this. November elections will be an ultimate Shakespearean event – To Be or Not to Be, literally…or even better – To Go or Not to Go Bananas

    These two videos are just amazing, an absolute must see!

    What’s next, can we assume now that Democraps might accuse Putin for interfering with her “health”? Why not, after all Putin has already been “busted” as the one who will rig elections in Trump’s favor.

    • Rumor has it that she’s dead and there’s a coverup going on. Either that or she’s a vegetable. Let’see what happens today and tomorrow. And Putin will be blamed for her death. It might trigger World War 3.

      • If Putin is responsible for the Hildebeast assuming room temperature, I’ll buy him a beer … or two … or three …

  2. Is this David Semen a Jew? He looks and sounds like one. The HuffandIpuff Post is a Jew vehicle. Better to read any actual Jewish MSM site in Israel, because they do not treat their readers like idiots.
    Huffpo are Trotskyites and Anarchists. The billionaires media outlet of choice.

    “not a single bumper sticker for Hillary in a liberal neighborhood” In Seamens (Semen) video above, I listened to a few minutes.

    • I believe him to be a Jew, but now he feels wronged by HuffPo, so we’re getting some inside stuff from him. That’s my take on him anyway. He’s developed a big following rather quickly since being fired from HuffPo for writing about Hillary’s health problems. Of course, he could be a shill, with his firing faked to give him credibility. But I don’t think so. He bears watching, however.

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