‘IS-inspired’ Australian man charged with terrorism

sydney operat house security

It’s doubtful that the people of Australia ever saw what was coming.

“We’ll bring those nice Muslims here and do nice things for them and they’ll be nice and become Australians.”

Except it hasn’t played out that way, has it Australia.

While we know how much Muslims love a good Italian opera (sarc), we also know how much they hate dogs. The victim here was walking his dog.

Make Australia safe for dogs by doing what you have to do.


Police in Australia have charged a 22-year-old man with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder in southwest Sydney.

They say he was inspired by the Islamic State (IS) group.

Officers say the attacker repeatedly stabbed a 59-year-old man in a suburban park and then tried to stab a policeman.

A large knife has been seized from the accused, who will appear in court later on Sunday.

The victim, who was reportedly walking his dog in the park, suffered injuries to his body and hands, and remains in hospital in a serious condition.

‘New face of terrorism’
Although the authorities say they believe the attacker was inspired by IS, they do not think he has close ties to any extremist organisation.

“This is the new face of terrorism. This is the new face of what we deal with,” New South Wales state police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said.

The arrest comes two days after a teenage boy was charged with making threats at Sydney Opera House.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said last week the threat of a terror attack in the nation was “real” after an IS call to followers to target prominent Australian locations.

white australia

Uhhh, did it ever occur to you, mates, that you can stop the colonization, protected as you are by long distances from Muzzie scum.

australia no more mosques

2 thoughts on “‘IS-inspired’ Australian man charged with terrorism

  1. Poster above is only 106 years old, goodbye happiness, hello misery. Australia The White Mans Land. That is the wonderful country I was born in to. I will die in Australia The Yellow Mans Land. There are a huge number of Muzzies, Indians and Africans but the yellows have the numbers and they have the brains and education and networking “The Jews Of The Oreint” is a nickname for Chinks. Once they are in charge they will ship in literally millions more Chinese over the following fifty years or so. Good news is that Chinks will end all welfare for non working scum like Muslims, Abos and Black Africans. With the Yellows in charge it will be “work or starve” just like it is now in Communist China, and Africa where Chinkie Poos run a lot of economies already.
    The yellows in Australia also work and study hard, pay experts to do their assignments, and are great at cheating in exams. Most new doctors are already yellow Asians.
    Here is a fresh titbit. Illegal Chinese immigrant prostitutes in Australia have undercut the rental market for women. So the price is now A$100 for one hour (US$75) with (probably) attractive young Chink nationals, age 18 and 19. I have not done any research on this subject. To me 100 bucks is too dear, even with a white woman.
    Funny how illegal prozzies without working visas evade the law just about everywhere even in “low corruption” countries? Bribery perhaps, free roots for the wallopers and Border Protection?

    • Mexicans do the prostitution around here that Americans wont’ do. Like you, I have no interest in making them wealthier. Like in Australia, the chinks cheat in school too. So do the professors. Plagiarizing is a big problem with them.

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