Hillary Memorializes 9/11 by Stumbling in Blistering 79 Degree HEAT

hillary with nurse on 911

None of what you see below really happened. The press says that Hillary’s health is just fine and to say otherwise is a “conspiracy theory.”

The first embedded video claims that a piece of metal fell out of Hillary’s pants leg this morning in NYC as she stumbled into her van. I don’t see it. Others say they see it.

The second video shows the clearest view of the stumbling. She would have fallen if not for her handlers.

hillary lost a shoe

Just prior to her stumbles, Hillary said she felt great.

Videos first seen at Zerohedge

8 thoughts on “Hillary Memorializes 9/11 by Stumbling in Blistering 79 Degree HEAT

  1. In top photo, why did the SS allow an escaped gorilla to get so close to Hillary? Why was not a vet handy with a tranquilizer gun to talke the monster ape back to the zoo?

  2. Yeah right, who DOESN’T have a ***VIOLENT FUCKING SEIZURE*** when they catch ‘pneumonia’? She wasn’t ‘stumbling’ – she was popping and twitching as if she was hooked up to a fucking car battery. With Team Clinton’s insulting so-called explanation, they have made it official that they truly regard the voters as contemptible morons. And for the average Hillary supporter, at least, Team Clinton is 100 percent correct with that assessment.

  3. With the future of the country potentially being in this candidate’s hands next year, I hope Congress will waste no time subpoenaing the female aide in these pictures who ‘walked’ Hillary to the curb. She clearly had her arm under Hillary’s shoulder BEFORE the seizure began – so what kind of warnings was she given? What specific precautions did the campaign take BEFORE Sunday evening to prevent the aide and Secret Service agents from catching Hillary’s ‘pneumonia’ when they touched her today? She doesn’t have pneumonia, folks – this fairy tale wouldn’t survive 1 mm of digging. It’s only to help the willfully ignorant.

    • I read somewhere that the female is her doctor, the one that certified her to be healthy. I forget the doctor’s name. Anyway, your idea is great. Also great, would be to bring the Secret Service agents in to testify as to what they’ve witnessed.

  4. Got to wonder if she’ll stroke out during the debates, side step the debates and if so, what excuse she will make

    If I was Trump, I would make the debates a as physically and mentally demanding as possible in an attempt to have her drop on stage

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