Black as Coal Olympic Track Star Mo Farah Allegedly Humiliated by Delta Airlines


If you look at the truth book Negroes in Negroland, you’ll discover all the things you know to be true about blacks, but that no one will say.

One of those truths is that time is meaningless to a Negro, just as it is to a dog.

Punctuality is a quality that the white man and the Asian man value. Bill and Hillary Clinton are exceptions. Both of them are habitually late, but they are not typical of their race.

Anyway, entitled Mo Farah seems to have been late to catch a plane and barged to the front of the line with his Middle Eastern wife and mixed race children. An airline employee made him go to the back of the line.

And now Delta Airlines appears on the verge of kowtowing to his demands for groveling before the almighty King Negro.


Mo Farah was humiliated and sent to the back of the queue by an airline attendant before a flight in the United States, his wife has said.

Tania Farah said the Delta Airlines official shouted at the four-time Olympic gold medallist and refused to believe he had a business class ticket.

“I just knew she had a problem with him,” she told the Sunday Telegraph.

A Delta Airlines spokesman said it was investigating and “will be working directly with the Farah family”.

Farah, who retained his 5,000m and 10,000m titles at August’s Rio Olympics, and his family were flying from Atlanta to their home in Portland, Oregon.

“This woman basically humiliated him until people came forward and said: ‘That’s Mo Farah, the Olympic champion’,” his wife said.

“She was mortified afterwards, but had basically yelled at him.

“He was the only black person and hadn’t done anything to warrant it.”

The incident is alleged to have happened on 22 August as the couple and their four children were returning from Rio.

Farah, 33, is aiming to become the first man to win three consecutive Great North Run titles when he races in Newcastle on Sunday.

Let’s hope the airline employee, whatever her race or ethnicity, does not get fired. Fair is fair. When your sorry black ass tries to butt in line ahead of everyone else, then “F-U buddy.”

I don’t usually do this, but here’s an angry post about Farah from Niggermania

Dirty filthy evil stinking nigger (Mo Farah)
In Britain we have to put up with endless political and media worship of the filthy nigger, Mo Farah.

The dirty evil nigger, Mo Farah, is a worthless nigger turd from Somalia. The dirty filthy evil nigger runs in races (with the help of nigger drugs of course) and fornicates with white wiminz to produce shitlets. That is all.

Today the filthy evil nigger collapsed in race (New York half-marathon) as it seems Americans are now being conditioned to worship the dirty filthy evil nigger.

Don’t worship the dirty filthy evil nigger, Mo Farah. The dirty nigger will most likely be dead in a few years (most sports drug niggers die young – thank God).

hey thats pretty good gif

I’m posting that satirical rant because it does bring up the serious issue of drugs and Olympic athletes. It’s reasonable to conclude when you look at some of them that illegal performance enhancing drugs are a part of their training regimen.

There’s an interesting Mo Farah thread at Chimpmania that I enjoyed reading. There’s a photo of Mo’s cum dumpster wife’s parents that is priceless.

11 thoughts on “Black as Coal Olympic Track Star Mo Farah Allegedly Humiliated by Delta Airlines

  1. Yo whitey muthfuckah bitch! ah ain’t no nigger – ah’s da great Mo Farah – so kiss mah lovely black muslim ass!

    > There’s an interesting Mo Farah thread at Chimpmania that I enjoyed reading
    I avoid Chimpmania like the plague! Expect a black SUV out front of your house if you ever give those fucks your email address

  2. Here’s what happened:

    Nigger also explains how their sex life is. Fucking munkey. Late to the airport he tried to butt in line and was forced to what while everyone else, who arrived on time, got on first. His…mudshark…er..wife cursed out the ticket attendant. You’d think his superior running speed would have gotten his nigger ass there on time.

    • Thanks for the update. Nogs are always late. The wife is mixed race,product of the sperm of a disgusting white Btit male and a darkie of some kind. I saw that the wife was born in Yemen. Apparently, the nog is a dummy so the wife is in charge of everything, including trying to make him a rich superstar in all media.

      We need to Tweet Delta airlines and congratulate them for taking the ugly rats down a notch.

      • You’re right. Not long ago I saw a piece on tv , It was on political correctness.

        They showed a piece where an Asian trainer, who was training White mangers, that Europeans ran their lives by the clock, yet Afro-Caribbeans didn’t.

        So it was ok to punish Europeans for being five minutes late, but shouldn’t punish our little black gods for being ten minutes late.

        Needless to say if the European continues to be late he/she will be fired. Though not God’s little gift.

        Business is accepting bad and sloppy behavior from them whilst expecting and demanding higher standards from ourselves.

  3. Some gates have two queues, one for priority boarding.
    If there is no business class check in he must queue with the economy passengers, but if he is smart he could tell an airline employee before queuing and she might help him get to the front. But, since he was the only nigger on the flight. “Get to the back of the plane, Coon!” I have never heard of Business Class passengers being allowed to push in at the front of queues, unless the staff call for them e.g. “All Business Class, Senators, Gold card holders may now board”. . As for boarding, usually business Class board just after wheelchair riders, people with small children, Muslims, Hindus and other scum pusher inners, First Class if any.
    He got there late so he lost his priority boarding. Bad luck. He could have politely told the attendant he had a business class ticket and she may have helped him get ahead of a few coach travelers

    I have priority boarding and know that if I am late for boarding there is no benefit for me. Often I have to queue with all the non priority people. Holy Coons like this guy feel entitled. Why buy business class at all? He could buy coach and demand a free upgrade, or else. Maybe all niggers shoudl get free business class travel any time they want it, with no bookings. But only if the flight is going to Africa, with no return journey allowed.

      • Most people that push in to queues are shitskins. Economy usually has dozens of them sitting while Business Class are still boarding. “Rows 70 to 88 may now board”. You get on and rows 30 to 69 in Economy have lots of smiling smug shitskins sitting already, cheats and pusher inners. Shtiskins also grossly abuse the rule about one carry on bag, They bring in half their luggage in to the cabin. I am talking about Europe to Asia long haul on European airlines.

        Healthy people playing the wheelchair racket are usually Asiatic browns and rarely white or Chinks. This is where they push you all the way to the cabin, from any part of the airport. Then these :”disabled” mudbloods walk/sprint on to the plane without assistance. They also often get pushed around the security checks, including Muslim women in long loose dresses I have seen this.Great way to get bombs on board. They can walk on to the plane but not through the machine which scans their genitals? This is for whites only, who are never suicide bombers, anywhere.

  4. The media treat them like royalty and the come to expect it everywhere. They is always presented as humble, polite and unpretentious. Not always the truth.

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