Big time black employee at U of Wisconsin wants to make stealing from Walmart legal

This video was published by Colin Flaherty on September 10, 2016.

Watch the nice black pastor say that stealing from big box retailers should be legal. To arrest blacks for shoplifting is RACIST!

But hey, as the liberals like to say, “They are just like us.”

10 thoughts on “Big time black employee at U of Wisconsin wants to make stealing from Walmart legal

  1. Unfu*king believable! While we’re at it lets make robbing the poor box in predominant white churches legal. They have white privilege and jeebuz knows that the black man deserves the money more, so bruddahs and sustuhs should help theyselves to dat white po box cheddah

  2. This PC ignoring of crimes by scum is already happening. I lived a couple of years ago in my “diverse” boarding house in Sydney, As well an a Nip, Indians, whites males of all ages and only young white females, Chinks from various Asian countries, there was a young male white hunchback aged about 21. He has a lifetime disability pension yet goes to University, works etc. He claims he had a car accident yet admits his mother was a junkie and a prostitute. Thus my guess is he was born as a hunchback.
    He openly boasted of stealing form the supermarket at the self service check out, all things went through as potatoes or carrots etc. My belief is that Security camera workers saw his hunchback and did not dare to stop or detain him. This sort of thing happens a lot. Holy Coons can rob and steal with impunity, as long as the thefts are small in value, say up to a $50 box of cigars as at Ferguson USA. Abos getting on the bus just laugh and never present a ticket or feed one in to the machine as they should. They travel for free on trains also, illegally. If the Govt wants Coons to travel free, why not give them passes to do so legally? Only white and yellow people get fined for not buying a ticket, or get busted for small time shoplifting in Australia. This is true racism.

    • My sympathies go out to you. There is another category of asshole, who get away with what used to be unacceptable behavior; the “mentally challenged.” What would discourage each and every one of these people, from niggers to hunchbacks, from stealing, is a good throat punch.

    • And the jooz love it, when they get robbed, because then they can rip off their insurance company for astronomically inflated claims for lost merchandise. I’ve seen them do it with my own eyes.

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