We Are Not A Melting Pot, Diversity is NOT a Strength


I believe the author of this powerful anti-diversity message is a Jew, given that his name is Yonathan Amselem. Whatever his ethnicity the article arms the reader with the facts and logic that refute the pro-immigration lobby.

This piece brings together three themes:

1. The current immigration scheme in America brings in migrants who cost a lot of money.

2. The turd world migrant embraces totalitarianism, aka communism in one form or another.

3. Corruption flourishes wherever these creatures congregate.

I will add a fourth:

4. They hate the white race and wish to see whites exterminated.

Lew Rockwell

The Left has drilled the immigrant “melting pot” fantasy into our heads for so many years that most people dare not question it. They should. The United States was founded by Anglo-Saxon Protestants from Western Europe. For most of America’s history, “immigrants” meant descendants of British Common Law raised in our Western Judeo-Christian ethic. Our culture, our traditions, and most importantly, our astronomical living standards are a direct result of that particular heritage. Don’t think so? What if our founding fathers were Aztec? Or Yoruba? What prosperity did those cultures leave to their descendants? Our Republic is rich because, despite its flaws, it was founded on a set of objectively better ideas. Immigrants to the United States do not make us wealthier by virtue of looking “diverse.” Quite the opposite. They make us and themselves wealthier when they assimilate to our Western tradition – when they become “one of us.” Before the rise of fraudulent victim advocacy organizations and our massive welfare state, American immigrants that couldn’t meet our standards or disliked our values would simply pack their bags and go home. This was a delicate and humane screening test for prospective migrants. No need for reams of paperwork, a massive immigration bureaucracy, or an army of ICE agents.

here comes diversity

Yet, where would the political Left be if they weren’t “fixing” something? Open borders are the Left’s answer to Protestant America’s rejection of socialism. Marxists suffered a humiliating intellectual defeat during the post-war era and were badly in need of new voters. Americans peeked over the Iron curtain and gasped in horror at the mountain of dead bodies piled up across socialist Europe and Asia. For at least a part of American history, Communism became a bad word. Marxist academics muttered a collective “whoops” and retreated from the battlefield of ideas. They got to work on a new scheme for pushing big government socialism on Americans. If they couldn’t convince Protestant Christians to favor statism, why not just import statists? Enter Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill which not only limited immigration from Western Europe but also opened America’s front door to every medieval backwater on Earth. The supposed rationale? “Diversity is our strength!” And so the multiculturalism cult was born. Acknowledging that our galaxy-exploring Western Republic probably has nothing to learn from people who yell at clouds to make rain is now a thought crime. Besides the new mass of sympathetic voters, progressives also effectively shielded themselves from having to know anything about the cultures they import. After all, what does it matter? We’re all the same – y’know, “melting pot” and all that.

So what has America gained from its multi-decade project in 3rd world diversity? Apart from more restaurants serving meat and rice, nothing. As of 2010, 71% of Hispanic immigrant households were on some form of government welfare compared to 39% of native households. As of 2013, that number was 91.4% for Middle Eastern refugees. In fact, not including later welfare expenditures, resettling one refugee costs US taxpayers almost $13,000 per year. Are these the people making us stronger via diversity? It sounds an awful lot like they’re making us a soup kitchen. 3rd world migrants tend to come from violent, tribal, and outrageously intolerant societies. Are we to assume only “nice” 3rd world immigrants come to America? Nearly 80% of undocumented Central American women and children are raped by other illegal immigrants during their trek across the US border. The idea that immigrants who live in horribly violent societies will simply drop those tendencies once they’re on American soil is utter nonsense. Illegal 3rd world aliens make up over a quarter of the federal prison population and commit murders and sexual assaults five to ten times as often as native-born Americans. America’s “melting pot” was not supposed to include this much rape in the broth.

Predictably, our politicians have learned precisely zero from this migration catastrophe. Should she win the election, Hillary Clinton has promised to import 65,000 Syrian refugees to our shores. Western Europe has experimented with Middle Eastern immigration for nearly four decades and it’s gone about as well as you’d expect. Sweden and Denmark suddenly have the highest number of sexual assaults in all of Europe, nearly 70% of French prisoners are Muslim, ungovernable Muslim ghettos are everywhere, and migrant welfare consumption has left European coffers with nothing but spider webs and IOUs. The gruesome, almost weekly terror attacks committed by Islamic militants are also unwelcome baggage. At home, Somali immigrant communities in Maine and Minnesota have shared great, exotic traditions like sex slavery, credit card fraud, and insurance scams. Apart from warm and fuzzies, can the open borders crowd describe any tangible benefit to US citizens from importing Middle Eastern migrants?

Violence, poverty, and corruption in the third world are a direct result of the traditions and customs of the people who live there. A simple plane flight won’t change that. If fresh-off-the-tarmac Somali refugees are given US citizenship like any other native born, then US citizenship means nothing. America is not just a random mishmash of “melted cultures.” America is supposed to be a common law republic with a legal bias in favor of human liberty and property rights. It is a “melting pot” of Anglo-Saxons, Dutch, Normans, and other Western European tribes. The Guarani people of the Amazon were not consulted when the Founders drafted our Constitution. If we like all the bells and whistles of living in a (relatively) free country, we should stop importing voters that think otherwise.

diversity means chasing down the last white person

10 thoughts on “We Are Not A Melting Pot, Diversity is NOT a Strength

  1. All these clowns have a choice: GET OUT OR BE REMOVED. The idiots who supported this and their pets are no longer welcome here. I’m not asking. They better leave, or they will stay here under less than habitable conditions.

  2. Very good article which ignored the Jewish role in the treasonous decisions made re Immigration,,and he also did not mention the “black problem”. But all true nonetheless.

    “Enter Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration bill which not only limited immigration from Western Europe but also opened America’s front door to every medieval backwater on Earth.” Is the truth out as to why Ted (sex maniac) did this, how big was his bribe? Who told him to? Who forced Jew wise Nixon to hire Kissinger? Why did the three levels of US Government all vote for and support this suicidal and genocidal policy of 1965? The elected US Govt of 1965 would have been largely older, married, fathers, church going white Protestant men. They sold out the USA just like de Klerk sold out the whites of South Africa. This all happened ten years after Jews were exposed as Commie Rats, Soviet spies, and traitors in the 1950s by the HUAC and the heroic Joe McCarthy. Hollywood was exposed as a hotbed of Communist filth and propaganda. After they murdered and discredited Joe it has all been downhill. 1965 marks a turning point for Western culture not just Immigration. The Jew victory was complete but hidden from almost all the population because the Jews owned and or managed the newspapers, TV stations and movie houses, school curriculum, you name it, everything. 50 years of this Jew control has brought the West to the brink of collapse and the white race facing extinction.

    Why did Australia, Canada, New Zealand all adopt the same USA policy at he same time during the Conservative mid 1960s? Who was really in charge of these countries in 1965? Australia for one had a right wing Government non stop from 1949 to 1972, yet the Jew pro dark scum immigration law was brought in about 1965 nonetheless.Why did the UK start importing huge numbers of lazy bum criminal Coons even in the 1950s against the wishes of almost all Britons?

    i say the same people that did 911. The Jews. The only Supremacists in the world today. They own the world, lock stock and smoking barrel.
    Jews did most of the Communist murders referred to in the article, tens of millions of white Christian victims.

      • When most people are sheep and don’t dare do anything against treacherous government figures who are controlled by jews, you can easily say that they control, if not the whole world most of it.

        How many people in this world do you think actually think about who controls them or what all this propaganda in the media means? Almost none of them. Or if they do, it’s just an afterthought and they’ll be doing the same thing they always did tomorrow.

      • Really?? Tell that to the stinking jews who own all media, governments, finance and education. Go tell those that engineered integration in the 50s that the resultant nigger problem is all in their minds. Go tell the victims of nigger violence, rapes, burnings and murder that it’s all in their minds.

  3. The US has become a toxic waste dump for untreatable sewage.

    >>2. The turd world migrant embraces totalitarianism, aka communism in one form or another
    I still wonder why these life forms embrace and flock to totalitarian hellholes. It seems they root for their own demise and feel compelled to drag any other culture down to their level

  4. The frenzied jew bangs on endlessly and in near solitude…. about ‘HATE’……. yet the racial outcomes of its activist incitements in largely or formerly homogenous Nations can only be energised by it……. All of it sourced from the Words of its putrescent ‘religion’….. of Filthe….
    A jew wrote about it, the envy, in certain sections of ‘Sex and Character’…… They jew hates those it cannot subdue, and hates them even more once they are subdued…… Because deep down in the jew psyche, the jew knows it is not fit to rule over others, and those so subdued by jews represent a failed people deserving of elimination…… Because of this, it is an absolute imperative that the jew be removed from power or position of influence over any collectives that comprise a racial nation…… The jew is here to serve the ‘goyim’ from a distance and on request, should that ever be required, if at all…. just as a public servant exists to serve the public….. anything else is totalitarianism and government gone Mad. Jews are collectively a phucked up people who destroy and turn to Shit……everything they ‘touch’. Piss ’em off, for our own protection.

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