Student wins prize for Adolf Hitler costume – in front of Jewish students


Muh Jews were all butthurt and sheeeeeit when a student’s Adolf Hitler costume won a Book Week prize.

Thus, everybody ran around apologizing and offering counseling to cure the butthurt that muh Jews were experiencing.

Actually, the whole scenario reads like a work of fiction.

He was responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jewish people during WWII.

But for some reason, one school thinks dressing up as Adolf Hitler – even in front of Jewish students – is no big deal.

A student at St Philips College, in Australia, was awarded best dressed prize after he turned up as the Nazi leader for Book Week.

To make it worse, he was handed his prize in front of Jewish exchange students from Melbourne who were visiting the Alice Springs school at the time.

The student had apparently asked for permission to dress as Hitler from a teacher before arriving at the school in the costume.

When asking the member of staff ‘is this OK?’, the staff member replied ‘yes’.

According to principal Roget Herbert, it was a massive error in judgement and they immediately apologised to the exchange students, ABC reported.

Mr Herbert said: ‘We got them together and apologised and they were fantastic, absolutely fantastic, and accepting. We also contacted the school to say look, this had happened, please understand.’

He added that the teacher is ‘absolutely shattered that she said that’ and that is ‘really concerned about her well-being’.

A spokesperson for the school told ‘This was an innocent mistake by a teacher who is a respected, honourable and lovely person who got it wrong on the day.

‘The student involved has an interest in history and politics and did the right thing by getting permission for his ‘book week’ costume.

‘We are reviewing our policies on these kind of events to ensure that nothing like this can happen again.

‘The school is providing support and assistance to the teacher, the student, and their family. It has been a very distressing lesson for all concerned.’

Those special Jewish snowflakes controlled an entire school over a costume. Costume “Nazis” are not real Nazis, you dumb snowflakes.

If the principal, teacher, and everyone are this weak minded, imagine how “distressed” they’re going to be when more political correctness is laid at their feet and they’re forced to grovel.

hitler cat

7 thoughts on “Student wins prize for Adolf Hitler costume – in front of Jewish students

  1. “He was responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jewish people during WWII.”

    This metro reporter and maybe editor can be charged with a Hate Crime for writing this,and maybe get up to 2 years in jail. It is a criminal offense in many European countries to state any number less than the magic 6 million number. The UK may allow this, but it is hate to dare to suggest 500,000 of the swine may have got away.

  2. In the UK, there is an annual 1940’s weekend at Howarth in Yorkshire. It’s a big festival and a large number of people dress-up in military and civilian clothing but, yep, you guessed it –
    “In the interests of racial harmony and public decency we respectfully request that no Nazi insignia or uniforms are worn at our event”! (this basically means any German uniform of the period).
    We are not allowed even a representation of the forces that the country was at war with for six years! I think that such censoring is offensive to anyone with any intelligence and that it does a disservice to the memory of all that fought for both allied and axis forces.
    Don’t forget that millions were conscripts and had no choice in the matter – they were just ‘Joe Public’ forced, like lambs, to the slaughter.

    • Yes I agree. Ten per cent of Germans were Communists in 1933. It is ridiculous to call Communists in German military informs Nazis. They were just Germans compelled against their will to fight for their country. Just as a British Blackshirt would have been forced to fight against the German Government which he highly approved of.

      Here in the FSU I saw a enactment of The Great Patriotic War of 1941 to 1945 just a few years ago. With full uniforms including SS gear and authentic WWII original BMW motorcycles with sidecars, and some other German and Soviet vehicles. After the mock battle the crowd gravitated to the German dressed soldiers by about 3 to 1. The SS Officers were holding aloft beautiful smiling young blond girls which made for some great photos. If Former Soviet countries can reenact the battle why cannot the Brits? The FSU was invaded while Britain was never invaded except for some Channel islands (where there was no resistance, sabotage or murder of German soldiers)

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