Obama’s America: Muslim Slaughterhouse Given License to Operate in Residential Neighborhood


How does a nightmare begin?

For one group of Americans it began when a Muslim moved in next door.

First, some background from a member of the GLP forum:


Residential neighborhood. Quiet community full of nice people and even nicer houses. Some Muslims move into ‘the house next door’ and open a fucking halal slaughterhouse! There’s 250 sheeps and goats and shit in a tiny yard. The people living next to it has to smell amimal shit and blood – and listen to screaming animals being butchered in the most violent way possible!

The city council sold the residents of Hilliard down the river AGAIN by granting a special permit they NEVER would have given a Christian. You may also recall Hilliard from the news as being the new US hub of Salah Sultan’s family and home to the religious leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Of course, the news cowards allowed this Madhi Badawi cat to say the neighbors didn’t like it because he’s muslim! Then they refused to say Ramadan, instead opting for ‘big holiday’ and then tried to make the whole thing sound like the white people were racist. They even threw in a ‘we’re afraid of vigilante’s’ soundbite for good measure! No assholes, its the smell, the view and the silence of the motherfucking lambs screaming. How would ANYBODY be cool with that???

I feel real bad for those people because in addition to the waking nightmare they live in now – their property values all just went to ZERO. AND THERE’S NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!

God in heaven what a nightmare!!!!

This is the story as reported in the press, which hardly scratches the surface of the truth.


(WSYX/WTTE) — Neighbors near Hilliard are filing complaints as the state gave the go ahead for a home owner of Davis Road to start slaughtering animals.

The Department of Agriculture just approved the license Friday for Hilliard Fresh Farm.

The animals and manure on its property sit just feet away from the closest neighbors.

Neighbor Michelle Pershing called 6 On Your Side when Brown Township and Franklin County said there was nothing they could do.

The rural zoning for the land means owners can use their plot at their own discretion. The owner of Hilliard Fresh Farm also acquired an agricultural exemption for his livestock.

Mahdi Badawi said he’ll slaughter about 40 animals this weekend for a major holiday coming up Monday.

Neighbors here now plan to call state legislators to change the laws on agricultural exemptions. That would require more than 20 acres of land to get one than just the five.

“Can you imagine estate size lots in Powell that are allowed to have 250 head of sheep and a slaughter operation?” asked Brown Township trustee Joseph Martin.

Trustees said they’ve received many complaints on the slaughterhouse already.

Badawi feels he’s being targeted because of his Muslim religion.

Neighbors said his religion has nothing to do with the flies, sights and smells feet from their property.

This Mudslim piece of sh*t can and should be charged with cruelty to animals and then banned from owning ANY animal, including livestock, dogs, and cats. Even goldfish.

Someone in the area needs to go stealth and figure out a way to send the Muzzie to prison and/or cause him to be deported. There are ways, but it’s best not to discuss them here and now.

Good luck to the folks whose happiness has been negatively affected by the goat f*cker.

dancing muslims gif

5 thoughts on “Obama’s America: Muslim Slaughterhouse Given License to Operate in Residential Neighborhood

  1. Since the state is not mentioned, I did some research on Ohio’s zoning laws in that area:


    Dirty goat fuckers are not their only problem. Sparsely populated areas allow these mud races to settle in and extend their tentacles deep into the community which are then unable to dislodge them.

    Brown Township is one of the seventeen townships of Franklin County, Ohio, United States. The 2010 census found 2,293 people in the township, 2,249 of whom lived in the unincorporated portions of the township.[4]

    In 2016 I’m sure there are less then 5,000 in that area. This is Ohio’s agricultural exemption the bastards got:

    Peggy Kirk Hall, Asst. Professor, OSU Extension Agricultural & Resource Law Program

    “Spring brings an increase in agricultural land use activity and with it comes a surge of inquiries about Ohio’s agricultural zoning laws. Here at OSU, we repeatedly hear a common question from agricultural landowners and local zoning officials: can zoning regulate this agricultural situation? That’s a question without a short and simple answer. A review of Ohio Revised Code sections 303 and 519, which contain the “agricultural exemption” from county and township zoning authority, is the first step toward understanding whether a county or township can regulate an agricultural land use (note that different laws apply for cities and villages). Here’s a summary of Ohio’s agricultural zoning laws:

    Agriculture is exempt from rural zoning authority in many, but not all, situations. While Ohio law grants counties and townships the authority to utilize zoning, the law limits how much authority these local governments have over agricultural land uses. Generally, a county or township may not prohibit the use of any land for agricultural purposes in any unincorporated area, with a few exceptions that are noted below. This exemption applies in any zoning district, whether residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural or otherwise.

    An exempt activity must be in the definition “agriculture.” Ohio agricultural zoning laws apply to “agriculture,” which the law defines to include: farming; ranching; algaculture; aquaculture; apiculture; horticulture; viticulture; animal husbandry, including, but not limited to, the care and raising of livestock, equine, and fur-bearing animals; poultry husbandry and the production of poultry and poultry products; dairy production; the production of field crops, tobacco, fruits, vegetables, nursery stock, ornamental shrubs, ornamental trees, flowers, sod, or mushrooms; timber and pasturage. “Agriculture” also includes activities involving the processing, drying, storage, and marketing of agricultural products if those activities are conducted in conjunction with but secondary to actual production of those products.

    Agricultural buildings and structures can also be exempt from zoning authority. If a building or structure is directly related to an agricultural activity on the same parcel of land, then Ohio zoning law does not allow a county or township to require a zoning certificate or prohibit the construction or use of the building. For example, local zoning cannot require a zoning permit or prevent the construction of a barn being built for housing cattle or storing farm machinery that is used for farming on the same property. Also, zoning may not regulate or prohibit any building or structure that is used primarily for vinting and selling wine that is located on land where grapes are grown.

    Special rules for farm markets. Ohio law also says that local zoning cannot prohibit the use of land for a farm market in any industrial, residential, commercial or agricultural zoning district if 50% or more of the market’s gross income is from produce raised on farms owned or managed by the farm market operator. But where necessary to protect public health and safety, local zoning may regulate the size of the farm market building, parking area size, set back lines and access to the market. This provision is commonly known as the “farm market 50% test.”

    If their legal attempts fail, I know what I would do at 2am. Burning them out would be the least of my attempts.

  2. “their property values all just went to ZERO. AND THERE’S NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!’

    Hello diversity, and Mustafas, goodbye land value.
    In a civilized country or county, abattoirs, intense farming like feedlots, and pig farms must be located miles from the nearest residential property, town or city. All are stinky and the wind can blow the whiff for miles.

    When I went to school in Sydney, there was a local large scale abattoir. When we did cross country runs we had to cross canals with blood running down them towards Sydney Harbour (Parramatta River). This was closed down years ago and the “Green” Olympic Games site was built on top of the abattoir, heavy industrial area, and a rubbish dump for toxic waste.The salt water there in the 1960s would have been like Rio today. There was also a tannery not far away. The good old days!

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  4. I often get Muslims contacting me about buying my lambs when market season rolls around. I always tell them the lot is already sold as they want to drop by and pick a lamb or two then tie it’s legs together and throw it in a van on car trunk to take to slaughter. I have even had a few with the nerve to ask me if they can slaughter the lamb on the spot if they come buy one.

    Like I said I just tell them the lambs are already gone to market when they call as they never try and hide their accents. You would think since they are so afraid of persecution like they always claim they would try and hide it wouldn’t you?

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