Latinos with Trump Release Video Pledging Allegiance to the Donald

The Trump campaign has put together a compelling video showing LEGAL Latinos who support Donald J. Trump for president. The video was just released so has only 143 views as of this writing.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 9, 2016

#LatinosWithTrump dispel the DEM/LIB/SJW belief that it is racist to be a patriotic American. We love America & proudly Pledge our Allegiance. Please come & Join the Movement #TrumpPence2016

With so many cucked white liberals against him, the Donald has to reach out to blacks and browns. Note that the Latinos in this video pledge allengiance to the propositional nation concept that is at the heart of the Trump brand of nationalism.

In contrast Hillary’s campaign of Hispanic outreach offers Latinos a chance to hate on “racist” America.

Hillary will flood the U.S. with Mexican drug cartel members to create chaos in order to ban guns and cement Democrat control of the system.. Trump will manage migration, reducing it and vetting migrants. Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s better than the alternative.

9 thoughts on “Latinos with Trump Release Video Pledging Allegiance to the Donald

  1. This is the way how it can be done, brilliant video ad!

    Under such conditions Multicultural society could work, but to make it work it would take a lot of cleansing…and adjustments.

    1. Left ideologies must be suppressed by all means, never to return
    2. Violent criminal aliens of all colors have to be EXTERMINATED, literally exterminated
    3. Islam has to be excluded and this is indisputable
    4. All (((actively involved))) have to go – ovens or Israel, at will.

    • OOPS, forgot essential – “Refugee” Africans back to Africa, never to come again
      “Autochthone” Black surpluses stimulated with financial incentives to voluntarily lower birthrate and extra premiums for agreed sterilization. Remaining Black population would only benefit from such social correctives.

      Might sound crazy, but it’s only this way or TW way.

  2. Latinos are a bizarre puzzle.
    Run into an Anglo looking Latino and there family, they are pro White, Trump etc
    Run into the mixed breed sort…. and we’ll not so much

    I don’t believe in fairy tales like some sort of long term pan-ethnic White collaboration, but those who do, “Latinos ” could be fertile ground

    • From my perspective, Trump is doing what he needs to do to try to win. Furthermore, since a white ethnostate is probably a long way into the future, why not make things better for everyone, which I believe Trump believes he can do. Blacks who are at work are less likely to be committing crimes, so give em jobs as long as the jobs aren’t stolen from more deserving people.

  3. Locally there seems to be a goodly number of negro Trump supporters. Partly due to the military influence, partly because some older blacks think the clintons were horrible to them, and surprisingly two I do business with think obama was an abject failure for negros

    Strange times

  4. “Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s better than the alternative.”

    Hell, Vladimir Fucking LENIN would be better than the “alternative.” Not that the difference is all that clear.

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