K9 Officer Lina Dead After Being Left in Hot Car in Arkansas


Criminal charges must be brought against the handler in this case. Otherwise, the negligent homicide of police dogs by human police officers will continue.


MADISON COUNTY (KFSM) – A K-9 officer with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is dead after being left unattended in a hot car, according to Sheriff Phillip Morgan.

The K-9’s name is Lina and she was about three years old, Morgan said.

Lina was acquired from donations from businesses and citizens of the county, according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office website.

She came from K-9 Working Dogs International, LLC and is a Belgian Malinos. Lina was trained to track and detect narcotics.

Lina died Friday (Sept. 9), according to Sheriff Morgan.

The website states a Deputy Cornelison was trained to handle Lina. It has not been said who left Lina inside the hot car.

The incident is under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to the arrest of the negligent officer, new procedures to protect the lives of brave K9 officers must be instituted. Car alarms, ventilation, whatever it takes to save canine lives must be purchased. How the hell can anybody forget a big dog in a car anyway!

The death toll this summer has been high. Even one is one too many.

Officer Lina deserves a full police funeral and proper burial, along with inclusion on the nationwide list of fallen officers.

41 thoughts on “K9 Officer Lina Dead After Being Left in Hot Car in Arkansas

    • There’s a picture of the dog with a white handler. I assume he’s the guilty party, but the Sheriff isn’t saying. Mexican dog handlers killed several police dogs here in the summer of 2015 or 2014. It was a genocide. Mexicans are generally very careless and don’t do quality work.

  1. There are many people waiting for the outcome of the investigation before taking measures to push for the most punishment that the law will allow. K9 Officer Lina will get the appropriate final tribute that she deserves. K9 Officer Lina was an Officer of the Law and deserves to be treated with a lot more respect than what she has received. Very sad and inexcusable. Some K9 Handlers from all over the United States believe the Officers that do this to their partners should be punished to the fullest extent. What kind of Deputy can forget about a K9 Officer that loved and worked every day to please her handler yet her handler who had her for several years forgets that she is in his car and goes into his house and falls asleep. What a complete idiot that never needs to be able to be a law enforcement officer again and should never be able to own any kind of animal for the rest of his life. He should also have to pay the taxpayers of the county back for all of the money spent on her over the years since he killed her!

    • I agree with everything you say. I post every one of these stories here on my site to try to build outrage against cops who neglect their dogs like this and get people pushing to change the system. I don’t know how alarm systems work, but I think the dog wears a monitor of some kind. If the dog is in the car and the temperature reaches a certain level, then the monitor sets off a siren on the car. This shouldn’t cost a lot of money. Here in San Antonio last year two police dogs were left to die in hot cars. Very sad, it was.

  2. I too have been following this and they are keeping an extremely tight lid on it other than to say the community id rallying around the handler. All I’ve been able to determine is she died while inside his patrol car which was parked at his house.

  3. Good idea on the Twitter! I’ve been tweeting Alahuca FL almost daily regarding their handler Tommy Wilcox who was responsible for (2) K9 deaths ~ (1) in hot car and his retired K9 which he engaged in bite work at his home then “euthanized” by bullet.

  4. Major faux pas! Mea culpa. Don’t know what I was thinking as K9 Lina was with Madison County SO ~ not Washington County. I couldn’t find any FB or Twitter accounts for anything county related.
    Sheriff Phillip Morgan
    P.O. Box 476
    Huntsville, AR 72740
    Phone (479) 738-2320
    Fax (479) 738-1525
    E-mail contact@mcso.info
    Website mcso.ar.gov

  5. Everyone in support of K9 Officer Lina. Please contact the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States, PETA, Fox News, CNN News, NBC News, ABC News and if your on Facebook or Twitter please forward and share all information related to this case. The supporters of the Deputy who killed her can kiss my ass if they think this is over with. We have only gotten started and I do not care what a stupid prosecutors opinion is. He is wrong!

  6. Please look on the Madison county Arkansas sheriffs office Facebook page. There is a link on there to sign a petition to ask the Arkansas State Police to take further action into the despicable death of K9 Officer Lina. It is on the right side of the page. We need all the support we can get! Thanks in advance!

    • Lara Kindrick thanks for the info as I’ve wondered about a petition. I am extremely active and vocal about K9 deaths due to handler negligence so will promote this heavily. I read the handlers timeline for that day which emphasized how tired he was. My position is he wasn’t too tired to help a neighbor fix a lawnmower while K9 Lina suffered.

  7. PJ if you know the petition writer please suggest they change the photo to one of K9 Lina. Add her EOW date too. First, we live in a visual society. Second, I write a LOT of petitions for people so therefore have the opportunity (even if it’s not a petition I’m personally promoting) to see which ones do well and which ones don’t. The ones with victim’s photo do much better.

  8. Having an extremely difficult time promoting this petition despite scheduling tweets around the clock. It was launched end of September and when I checked at 1930 tonight it was at only at 816. None of us want to see Cornelison skate on this but as someone who writes petitions regarding negligent handlers K9 Lina’ s petition needs major tweaking and more people to promote it.

    • I don’t have an answer as to why certain things go viral while others don’t get many hits. It may be that timeliness is of the essence. I also have to say that I’m still learning how Twitter works. I really only use it to comment one or two times a day and to be able to bring Tweets into my site.

      I do animal stories on a regular basis. Next one I do, be sure to put a comment in about the petition. I couldn’t get dog lady to sign because she’s afraid of retribution from the powers that be. Others may also be afraid to sign petitions out of fear. Look at the Wikileaks stuff on what the Hillary camp did to promote violence against people who disagree with them. I sometimes get comments here that are veiled death threats. I trash them.

      • I have done (5) K9 petitions which were all successful. Having said that, the first one was difficult but I somehow muddled through. We humans are often outraged by something but despite being intelligent, can have difficulty wording a petition to get the most impact, I know I certainly did. If K9 Lina’s petition writer sees my posting, I would be more than happy to share with them the trials & errors I’ve encountered with my petitions demanding justice for a K9 death.

  9. If the petition writer for K9 Lina reads this blog (which I feel you do) i implore you to contact me so that we might collaborate and make her petition stronger and therefore more effective. Advocating for K9s who have suffered harm or died because of handler negligence is my area of expertise as I’ve been doing it for many years. Now with the electronic spectrum we have the opportunity to reach thousands of people with a simple Tweet or FB post. When I began it was snail mail, going to a DA’s office and being made to sit in the waiting area for hours despite an appointment.
    I’ve followed Lina’s tragic death closely as well as blogged about it. I’m appalled at so many things but mostly that the powers to be have tip toed around Cornelison. The excuse that he was overworked and tired is just that ~ an excuse. He helped a neighbor repair a lawnmower, ran errands and conferred on a case with a Hunstville officer, all while HIS PARTNER roasted to death. Sheriff Morgan’ words are just that ~ words. As for Washington County Prosecutor Matt Durrett; he can pound sound up a frog’s ass. Many prosecutorial decisions have been overruled. Cornelison has skated on this far too long and I’m shocked that individuals who should speak out i.e. Carmen Nelson with the Animal League of Washington County, has not. You have an opportunity to reach many with this petition. Let me help you tweak it so she can have justice. I KNOW you care or you wouldn’t have launched it. I’ve done many and together we might get more mileage.

  10. First apology in advance PJ for hijacking this post but I am very passionate about animal abuse and extremely passionate about K9 deaths due to handler negligence. Upon reviewing K9 Lina’s petition further today I discovered it is blatantly incorrect. There is no way to contact the writer so I wrote to Force Change. As written, this petition is worthless. It’s actually a disgrace that someone would launch it without fact checking anything!

    1. Writer begins petition by referring to a deputy, then to Madison County Sheriff Phillip Morgan.

    2. Petition letter targets AK State Police Colonel Bryant and refers to “deputy under your employ” when in fact the deputy works for Madison County Sheriifs Dept under Sheriff Philip Morgan so the State Police have NO INVOLVEMENT nor is it within their jurisdiction.


    2. Writer fails to name deputy or events leading to K9 Lina’s death. Extremely critical for success of petition and egregious to omit it. For the writers edification he is Deputy Jonathon Cornelison of the Madison County Sheriff’s Dept. in Hunstville Arkansas. Also it was 91 F degrees that day.

    3. Who in their right mind would insert a stock photo of a springer spaniel sitting in a red car in a petition about a Belgian Malinos K9 that roasted to death in a police vehicle???

    I am a writer but I also advocate for K9 deaths due to handler negligence. Every petition I’ve ever launched for a K9 has generated at least 100k signatures whereas this has a bit over 800 after a month. My most recent K9 petition was pivitol and gathered 165k signatures.
    Still, I’ve actively promoted this one despite the poor wording but after discovering the inaccuracies this morning I discussed it with several K9 handlers and we are in agreement; this petition must be completely rewritten by the writer or taken down. Any signatures are for naught.

    As of today we are telling people on social media that it is not a valid petition, contains a plethora of erroneous information and don’t sign or share.
    K9 handlers are offended by this shoddy petition as it ensures this noble dog WON’T get justice, something K9 Lina deserves.

  11. I am at a loss for words. Neither the petition writer nor ForceChange will rectify the blatant errors in this petition despite being contacted by concerned LEOs. Guess I’ll have to launch a one person battle because K9 Lina will never get justice at this rate.

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