I Knew BEFORE Looking at the Picture

I saw the headline on Breaking News that Hillary’s VP choice, Tim Kaine, had happily held a baby in his arms at a campaign appearance.

I knew it was a black baby instantly. Before I saw the picture.

Kaine is actually the biggest worshiper of the Negro Gods that I’ve seen. He’s worse than the grinch who stole Christmas because he wants to give the country away to make it totally nonwhite.

There’s an air of mental illness about someone who hates his own race as much as Kaine hates the white race.

Keep your eye on him because if Hillary wins, she’ll have to resign over health problems and this race traitor of the first class will be the next president.

It will not be pretty.

4 thoughts on “I Knew BEFORE Looking at the Picture

  1. Whites that hate themselves that much, as he does, should commit suicide and make room for a black man to take his place. Unfortunately many white men do this. Suicide is at epidemic levels among whites, abortion, birth control, divorce, feminism, childless women, (((self actualization))). Many under 35 years of age whites play in unknown (except their friends), unpopular, nobody bands or dong some sort or art, music, whatever, but mot getting married and having kids as they must if we are to survive.

    It is not just self hate either. i know that as a man over 60 in Australia, without money, I am hated by many people, especially Indians and such like, for my opinions which are based on facts and personal observations and experience. I am not a hater, I am hated even by some memers of my own family. There is a world of difference.
    My State Govt hates (loathes) me and gives housing to any dark skinned person (or any single mother) ten years before me, or any white woman of any age nine years before me

    I have been bashed by Abo scum. I have never bashed an Abo. Same goes for the Yellow Race. Except here!

    Many Jew authors, playwrights, scriptwriters have fed on this division within white families. Such as ((Harold Pinter)) who makes whites seem as though they hate all their own family members. This Jew Spew has been told for so long that most whites believe it.

  2. (((Tim Kaine))) is infinitely worse than the common or garden variety schlomo! He’s an ethnic white man who tongues jew arse! A true race traitor! And His Honduras/cocaine/Clintons/Jesuit-poofter-paedophile-club connections need closer inspection!


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