BLM’s Wild Horse Advisory Board Just Voted To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Horses In Holding


The wild horses that are being held in pens should be returned to the wild to form the family units that come naturally to them.

America’s too busy opening its doors to parasitic migrants to care about horses. The flood of third world migrants will eventually result in these magnificent animals being slaughtered for food to satisfy the appetites of Muslims, Africans, and others. The Bureau of Land Management has already sold thousands of horses to Mexico where they were slaughtered for food.

Wild Hoofbeats

Breaking News!

The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has just voted in favor of killing all the wild horses currently in short term and long term holding, approximately 44,000 horses. The only NO vote on the Advisory Board was from Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation.

Being extremely fond of euphemisms, the BLM uses the term “euthanasia” which is incorrect.

Definition of Euthanasia: “the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.” This is in fact murder, not euthanasia.

The intent behind this vote was to send a strong message to Washington, DC so that this might happen. Dean Bolstad, Division Chief had been alluding to killing the captive wild horses earlier in the meeting.

This is BLM’s endgame for our wild horses.

Please speak up – send comments to the Advisory Board ASAP at this address:

You can email the bloody-minded Advisory Board individually as well:

June Sewing:; Fred Woehl:; Robert Cope:; Julie Weikle:; Sue McDonnell:; Steven Yardley:; Ben Masters:

and you can thank Ginger Kathrens for standing strong in the face of such complete and utter disregard for the interests of our wild horses and burros:

Tell Dean Bolstad what you think:

Then call Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior:(202) 208-3100

Then write your Congressmen and Senators.

This outrage must not stand.

I’ve already sent a Tweet to Donald Trump about this incredible development.

This story at KLCC offers up some background, especially in the comment posted there by a horse lover.

2 thoughts on “BLM’s Wild Horse Advisory Board Just Voted To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Horses In Holding

  1. “BLM’s Wild Nigger Advisory Board Just Voted To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Niggers In Holding”.

    That would be a good start, I think there are one million or so Coons in US prisons. I did not know Black Lives Matter goes about killing horses. Maybe all the black horses will be spared? The white horses will be the first to be shot.

  2. Horses are no different than cattle really so I see nothing wrong with them being slaughtered for meat except only the shank is actually harvested leaving the bulk of the animal to rot now that regulations forbid it to be turned into pet food. Honestly if it wasn’t for the liberal feminist politics of feelings this wouldn’t be an issue and the over populated horse herds would have never formed. These horses are turned loose into the wild were they really do not belong because people can no longer afford to take care of them and the PITA types have been closing horse slaughter plants everywhere they can which removes that avenue of disposing of unwanted, sick or old animals. Over the years the herds around the country have grown to where they must be culled now or the impact on our own food supply would be terrible.

    But ya Mexicans really like their horse meat.

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