White Men Severely Beaten by Musloid Scum Because Their Wives Were Wearing Shorts


Let the Muslim takeover of France serve as a warning to the rest of the West. When the number of Muslims reaches critical mass, they become intolerable morality police.


Two families on a cycle ride in Toulon, southern France, came under violent attack after assailants hurled insults at two female partners for wearing shorts, according to prosecutors.

The attack, carried out by a group of youths from a housing estate in the Mediterranean port town, has sparked claims that parts of France are prey to an Islamist “morality police”.

Two couples with their three children and a friend were on a Sunday afternoon outing on bikes and roller blades when the “incredibly violent” attack took place, according to Var Matin, the local newspaper.

They were passing near the Cité des Oeillets, an estate in eastern Toulon, when a group of adolescents starting insulting the women of the group because of their shorts, including jibes such as: “Dirty whore, get naked.”

When their male partners sought to intervene, a larger group of youths arrived and a fight ensued, according to the Toulon prosecutor; Bernard Marchal.

“The male partners had simply asked them to respect their women and that sparked the fight. The three men were violently beaten on the face in front of their children. This was provocation of a sexual nature with the intention of forcing a reaction out of the men present,” said Mr Marchal.

One of the men was severely beaten and has had to take a month off work, while another had his nose broken. The women were lightly injured and the children suffered from shock.

Thanks to CCTV, police were able to identify and arrest two suspects, aged 17 and 19, and a preliminary investigation has been launched to identify other suspects.

The attack comes a month after an 18-year old girl was spat at and insulted by a group of girls who found her shorts indecent.

Maud Vallet posted a Facebook picture of herself in shock afterwards with the caption: “Hello, I’m a slag”. The post received over 81,000 “likes”, or signs of readers’ anger and sadness over the incident.


She recounted asking her taunters: “Why are you calling me a whore because I’m wearing shorts while a man can walk around the centre of town bare-chested without anyone saying anything?”

She said they replied: “Because you’re a woman and should respect yourself, you idiot.”

A solidarity “march in shorts” was held in the town.

The attack comes after a summer of tensions over dress codes in France, in which a string of French resort towns banned the burkini, the body-covering swimsuit, on grounds it was against secularism and posed a security threat.

Debate over whether the bans should be upheld has split the French political classes, and sparked uproar abroad, including in Britain.

While there was no proof the shorts attack was ideologically motivated, on Thursday, Céline Pina, a former regional councillor for the Paris area who wrote a book called Guilty Silence, warned of “Islamist violence that is growing everywhere in France against women.”

“The burkini question, the rise of the full veil, the attack on women in shorts and beating up their partners contributes to the same logic, namely to turn a woman’s body into a social and political issue, a litmus test of the advance of an ideology within society,” she wrote in Le Figaro.

No proof of an ideological motivation, the lying reporter says. This is the standard narrative now adopted by the presstitutes throughout the West: “There’s no proof Islam had anything to do with that _______________ (fill in the blank with rape, murder, sexual harassment, bombings, beatings, etc.).

It’s coming down to a race war or to total submission by the indigenous white population.

We have no choice but to leave it up to the French. But as friends we can say two words: Ethnic cleansing.

15 thoughts on “White Men Severely Beaten by Musloid Scum Because Their Wives Were Wearing Shorts

  1. I only hope that victims were Liberals, which would be perfect. If not than they should sue the state as directly responsible for what happened. Every time something like this happens – sue the state.

    As of “Ethnic cleansing” – I would disagree. French Ethnic Meekness sounds more appropriate, which is of no surprise as they lost all wars in the last century. Fortunately they have remedy at will – VOTE MARIE LE PEN, or die.

    • I think I like her father better, but Marine will have to do I guess. Problem is, she has no plans that I know of to deport any of them, although I assume she will slow down or stop immigration.

      • Having plans or not, at this stage and according to circumstance it wouldn’t be wise to advertise any deportation plans. If Europe would move to the Right, it would create a general dislocation of Liberal mindset. Fresh mind-waves could bring fresh winds that would start blowing away all multicultural ballast, Liberal retardance as first.

    • Yeah, it’s kinda funny. They said that she calls her whore because she should respect herself, but burkas and whatever else muzzie women wear are actually a symbol of them being oppressed by their husbands… So in a sense, a slave.

      So by telling that woman to respect herself, they’re either ironic, stupid, or a woman “respecting” herself means being a slave. Which is basically the opposite of respect.

    • This is a good point. If white men were men this invasions would never have happened in the first place. Any white man that votes left, such as Hillary, is voting for the destruction of his own town, city and country with brown and black blow ins.
      In the 1960s and beyond, whites should have regularly beaten all those foreign invaders with dark skins, until they went back to where they came from. This did not happen and now it is too late. The majority does not rule in the West. The (((elite))) do and they do not even get elected.

      • No wonder that it is as it is in France when their presidential pig-face Hollande “prides” himself as a “profound European” and blabs to “nation” – “…there will be no legislation ‘that is as impossible to apply as it is unconstitutional’… he will not allow extreme nationalism to damage France and he believes Islam can ACCOMMODATE itself within a secular state, just as other religions do”…”Let us form a blockade against hate and zealotry”…Trump makes him retch…”

        From the background Merkel squawks – “This is the beginning of a new Europe” – and (((Sarkozy))) who already threatened French with mandatory Racial interbreeding is again in presidential race and is attracting alarming numbers of supporters.

        In an another post @Robert perfectly pictured brownout of our civilization – “Whites have lost due to Jews opening the gates and most whites under about 60 years of age not even giving two shits about their own genetic future, beyond their own selfish lifetime I mean”

        @Art too provide a valuable insight – “Of the hundreds of sheep I have talked with here about Soros, only one or two even knew who he is. The same went for Saul Alinsky, Kissinger and all the other communist agitators”

        Gentlemen, all these are the SAD FACTS!

        Hyenoid “immigrants” do have basic instincts and they just sense that France is a promised sheepfold.

  2. ‘A solidarity March in Shorts…’ like THAT does any good you morons. Those camel f****ng only understand one thing…
    FN makes some fine pistols…

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