Watch! Mexican Threatens to Kill Donald Trump and As Many of His Supporters As Possible

Living in a heavily Mexican area and having been backstabbed by some Mexicans (NOT ALL), I’m sensitive to the stupidity of Mexicans.

The youth in the video is rather typical of the intelligence level you’re dealing with.

Published on Sep 8, 2016

An anti-Trump Mexican posted a video online urging his fellow Mexicans to kill Donald Trump and as many of his supporters as possible. Media analyst Mark Dice has been documenting these kinds of repeated threats for the entire 2016 election, and in this video he breaks down this latest disturbing incident.

As the top youtube comment asked, “Which lawn service does he work for?”

Between leftists destroying Trump signs, antifa beating up Trump supporters at rallies, and death threats against Trump, the left has revealed its ugly murdering side. Although I wish it were otherwise, after the election, we must start fighting fire with fire.

5 thoughts on “Watch! Mexican Threatens to Kill Donald Trump and As Many of His Supporters As Possible

  1. In a sane world that taco bending, leaf blowing POS would be hunted down like the dog he is and charged with terrorist acts. I wonder if he I being funded by George Soros.

  2. while this misguided, low info-dude is focusing on Trump the real Hitler’s, North Korea and ISIS, are pointing their guns at him and the rest of the world. This guy, in his one stupid “moment of glory”, has done more to harm his cause ( whatever that is) than help it. This is exactly why we need secure boarders!

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