UC Berkeley Releases “Report Islamophobia” Phone App


Higher education is complicit in the “deep state,” that hidden just below the surface police state that aims to control every aspect of life in America.

This new cell phone app is an invitation to Muslims to be offended when a Euro-American criticizes them for their shitty behavior. But that’s the purpose. They want to inflate “Islamophobia” statistics in order to implement ever more Draconian hate crime laws.

UC Berkeley

Event Date:
Wed, Aug 3, 2016 – 5:45 pm

The Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project (IRDP) of UC Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender focuses is delighted to release the Report Islamophobia Phone App. The tool will make it possible for IRDP to engage in a systematic and empirical data collection approach to the study of Islamophobia and its impact on Muslim communities. As the current period has led to the increased demonization and targeting of Muslim communities, the new phone app will help in providing the needed data to understand and document the extent of the phenomena.

Once the report is filed on the app and is secured, then trained case workers will follow-up to discuss the specifics of the incident further and ensure we have all the details we require to recorded it accurately and offer the needed support. More info: http://iphobiareport.com/

This is not a joke. The former USA, now Amurkistan, is the joke.

6 thoughts on “UC Berkeley Releases “Report Islamophobia” Phone App

  1. We had a similar thing in the UK called Tell MAMA, the MAMA being an acronym for something or other, funded by the taxpayer no less. Anyway, it turns out that they were making up reports of assaults and when questioned about their figures it turned out that the majority of so called threats were either made up or were in the form of on line tweets and that hardly any physical assaults were made. I realise that we have moved on and now one dare not even look at a muslim without being reported to the authorities. The Tell MAMA creeps were denied funding after the whole thing blew up in the press but I believe that they recently have had their funding restored after the scandal blew over.

    • Encouraging them to make up stuff is what the powers that be want to happen. Interesting that it turned out that way with MAMA. Too bad, though, that the funding has possibly been restored. I remember a day when people minded their own business, but that was a long time ago.

      • The guy was threatening legal action towards anyone posting on twitter.

        Another of these minority pressure groups that should be shut down. Free speech is more important than some goat lover.

      • In Scotland a Sikh said nazis knocked his turban off and cut his hair.
        Cops eventually got him to confess that he cut his hair himself and made up the story so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

        There was still a 5,000 strong crowd of PC liberals doing a candle-light vigil against racism even after it was known he faked it.

        PC liberals will genocide the white race. They are very dangerous people and they are virtually unstoppable.

        In-depth analysis of the haircut hoax is here on the great heretical.com website.


        “You people” just don’t understand how important long hair is to a Sikh. Actually i knew a couple of Sikhs once who both had short hair. One showed me his skull and scalp and said having long hair for years actually changed its shape. His scalp also had strange ridges and lumps in it. One day he just went to a barber and told him to take the lot off. The barber wouldn’t do it at first – probably didn’t want to get charged with a hate crime or beaten up by the Sikhs cousins. Who came blame him?

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