Negress Strips Naked on Baltimore Bus (Uncensored Video)

cat oh snap

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

The Sun

Christopher Fisher filmed the bizarre incident on his mobile phone and uploaded, and can be heard chuckling throughout the six-minute clip.

The video – uploaded to Fisher’s Facebook – begins with the woman holding one of the hand rails as if it’s a stripper’s pole and wiggling her rear in the general direction of a man sitting behind her.

By this point she is already naked from the waist down, having apparently already removed her underwear.

When she later notices she is being filmed, she tells the cameraman: “Give me my mother****ing money.”

Drugs will do this to you, kiddies.

14 thoughts on “Negress Strips Naked on Baltimore Bus (Uncensored Video)

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    • Absolutely agree, but in contrast with this Negro-“gorgeous”, your blog is nice and loving. Good work lady D!

      German Shepherds are my weak spot, and got them under my skin since I have been 4 years old, as the first one that had come in my life.

      • I gave a small German Shepherd some pizza about 14 hours ago at dog lady’s place. He must be a young one. He’s been boarding there while his human parents went somewhere. He has a very small brother or sister (dachshund?) that was in the pen with him. He loved that pizza, as did his pal. They’re going home today, assuming their parents get back as planned.

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