Negress Sailer “proud of herself” as She Sits Through National Anthem


This story has popped up this morning on several websites. No one is talking about race, when race is obviously at the center of the rebellion among blacks in all walks of life that is brewing nationwide.

But first, let’s see the story and Facebook video:

Excerpt from WEARTV

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WEAR) — A Facebook post by a sailor assigned at NAS Pensacola is creating a social media firestorm after she tried to mimic San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The woman, who has not been identified, shared a live video on her Facebook page of her appearing to protest by sitting down during the National Anthem while on the base.

In the Facebook video, the woman shows viewers her sitting on a bench as the National Anthem is played reportedly on base. She then holds up her left fist in protest.

“The U.S. Military Police WTF Moments” Facebook page referred to the U.S. sailors actions as a “disrespect at flag call”. The video had been seen more than 44,000 times as of Thursday night.

Lt. Commander Kate Meadows said the Navy became aware of the video last week and disciplinary action is pending.

“We’re required to stand for colors, for the National Anthem, in and out of uniform,” Meadows said.


According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Naval service personnel are required to stand and face the flag whenever the National Anthem is played. Meadows adds that they routinely teach sailors appropriate use of social media.

The sailor will not be discharged from the Navy, though many online and on our Facebook poll expressed she should. Others think that some sort of punishment is necessary.

“She has to face the consequences, she should face the consequences,” John Likens said.

Likens agrees that she has a right to Freedom of Speech, but rules are rules in the military. Ashley Rietz agrees and added that the protest is counterproductive and only furthers a divide.

“Sitting during the National Anthem or posting something to social media isn’t actually making a difference,” Rietz said. “It’s a lot of hot air compared to the actions you could take to help people.”

The U.S. sailor is heard on the Facebook saying she is “proud of herself”. She goes on to say what she did was “small but significant for her”.

Obama took the lead in fomenting this spreading disrespect and disloyalty to the country that freed blacks from slavery at a terrible cost of the white man’s treasure and blood. He interjects his mulatto mug into every racial incident, always siding with blacks, no matter how unjustified.

Hillary has joined in as well by endorsing Black Lives Matter and through other racial pandering.

If Obama and Hillary built the bomb, mulatto football player Colin Kaepernick lit the fuse.

The way that pandering toward blacks goes, I expect that soon the playing of the National Anthem will be banned on university campuses, such as at football games, and in pro sports as well because it’s “racist” and offends nonwhites. Certainly, most black singers will now refuse to sing the National Anthem.

Just as Confederate statues and the battle flag have been obliterated, so will the National Anthem. At some point a new national anthem will be proposed and approved by a weak-willed populace that has failed to learn that you can’t appease blacks. Give them an inch and they want a mile.

A quick, dishonorable discharge meted out to this sailor might derail the rebellion, but given the military’s political correctness today, the chances of that happening are not good.

stand with kaepernick

14 thoughts on “Negress Sailer “proud of herself” as She Sits Through National Anthem

  1. and WHY we must ask, has she/it not been court martialled yet?!?!?! If I did that, I would have already had my remains dumped overboard…
    Niggers are NOT citizens anyway, and shouldnt even BE in the military. Anyone notice that the US has not won a war since ‘integration’?!? And even IF you let africans in the armed forces, NO women should be there. Period. This is a shining example of why.
    I can criticise America all I want because I am a citizen; my forefathers have been here since 1624 on one side and the early 1800s on all others. THEY have fought to make and keep America. [one side even in ‘Bacons Rebellion’ and then in the Revolution, all other in the War of Northern Aggression on the Right [Southern] side. It is MY right to question government policy, NOT this moronic sh*t skinned jew tool interloper.

  2. This is how low nogs have sunk. They have nothing else to offer. Just some lame, pathetic attempts at internet stardom for their 15 minutes of fame. Technology is making nogs obsolete farm equipment. Hell, technology is making a lot of whites and browns irrelevant with kiosks and other forms of technology. Their own leaders know they’re on the chopping block, but like the musicians who kept playing as the Titanic sunk, these cretins will continue to chirp until the fat lady stops singing.

      • It’s all part of the “looks at me” mentality that niggers posses. They actually think that humans (ie. white people) give a shit about them.

      • “Hey cuz.” That greeting at all black gas station in Houston had hidden meanings. It was delivered with a snarl. I always respond to them “How ya doin’?” They don’t know how to answer and it shows them that I’m not afraid of them. I’m not a racist although I don’t mind saying to people that I am a racist. I helped a polite black woman yesterday with a problem she was having. Until segregation or separation returns, we should try to get along with blacks. I don’t want to be responsible for making things worse since an innocent white person could be hurt later by something I do today. However, when treated with contempt by blacks we need to return the favor and always be prepared to defend ourselves.

      • Wisely said. I am growing out my hair and a few weeks ago a thin, pretty black girl with tons of long hair walked toward me and I stopped her and asked about how she took care of her hair. We both said “coconut oil” at the same time and laughed. She said she usually wore her hair up but her friend challenged her to go to work with her hair all down, which she’s never done before. She said I made her day when I told her how beautiful it was. She walked away happy.

        A little honey here and there never hurts.

  3. ““We’re required to stand for colors, for the National Anthem, in and out of uniform,” Meadows said.”
    Coons will not stand for these things.

    Question is, how can whites stand sharing their country with Coons? I know I can not abide it. I am a refugee from Australia living in Eastern Europe to escape African Niggers who are invading Australia with the support of the politicians and the real though undetected, unelected, secret (((government))) of Australia..

    • A thought just surfaced, Has anyone else wondered how every white nation seems in lockstep for suicide. Then it struck me again! The Bilderberg meeting and Bohemian Grove, where world satan worshippers, movers and shakers gather to plan treason.

      These would be two worthwhile locations for tactical nukes; kill many birds with one stone so to speak

  4. The worthless fat ass boot lip sheboon should get six, six and a kick from the military for her mini act of sedition. six = 6 months in the brig, six = six months suspension of pay, kick = get her fat ass kicked out of the military dishonorable discharge.

  5. dey bees no place inna human world fo niqqers! dey peanut size brains an sub-70 IQ makes dem a reel liability to humans. wifout welfare an gibs from libtarded humans, niqs will vanish. slothful, thievin, violent niqqers all belong in cages or back in da dark continent livin in da filth an squalor dat dey create ……. nomesane

  6. Maybe if BLACKS didn’t commit nearly 60% of ALL MURDERS AND ALL ROBBERIES, YOU WOULD BE JUSTIFIED BUT IT’S TRUE SO YOU AREN’T. We humans are the ones who have to watch every move that a Black makes because of it’s propensity to commit violent crimes. Go look for yourself: Goggle “FBI TABLE 49” and you’ll see that I’m right! BLACKS COMMIT MORE MURDERS AND MORE ROBBERIES THAN ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED! Explain THAT??????

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