Liberals Whine as Atheist Woman Pastor is Removed from Pulpit


Liberals should be required to explain how an atheist woman (lesbian?) can lead a church to a deeper faith in God.

She can’t. But in the name of tolerance and inclusion, the left demands that atheists be church pastors.

Well, why not? Pope Francis is probably either an atheist or an agnostic Marxist.

The Star

Gretta Vosper, the popular and controversial United Church of Canada minister who calls herself an atheist, should no longer be a minister, a review committee has recommended.

“In our opinion, she is not suitable to continue in ordained ministry because she does not believe in God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit,” the church’s Toronto Conference Review Committee concluded in a 39-page report released Wednesday.

“We have concluded that if Gretta Vosper were before us today, seeking to be ordained,” said the report, the committee “would not recommend her.”

“After prayer and much discussion,” the 23-person committee voted 19 to 4 in favour of a motion that found Vosper “unsuitable to continue serving.”

Vosper, 57, a minister at West Hill United Church in Scarborough for nearly two decades, does not believe in an interventionist, supernatural God. She preaches instead about love, kindness and human connection.

“My sadness is for the many clergy and members and individuals currently studying for leadership in the UCC who are now also being told they need to keep quiet about their true beliefs or risk censure,” Vosper told the Star in an email.

“The majority report said nothing about ethos and spoke exclusively to theological belief. A very sad day for the UCC.”

Vosper and her supporters will have a chance to respond to the report’s conclusions at a hearing scheduled for Sept. 15, before a separate, eight-member sub-executive committee of the church.

“We’re going to hear from Gretta and her congregation and it’s possible that they could say something that could cause us to go in a totally different or a slightly different direction,” David Allen, executive secretary of Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada, told the Star.

The committee next week can accept the report’s recommendations, reject them or modify them, said Allen. A decision could be made the same day as the hearing.

If the committee was to find that Vosper should be put on the “Discontinued Service List” — the most severe outcome she could face — there would have to be a further hearing at the national level of the church.

Vosper has been an outspoken voice in a slow but growing movement within the United Church toward downplaying Jesus and the Bible, and adopting a more metaphorical interpretation of religious symbols and a greater emphasis on humanist, environmental and social justice causes.

Some argue it will reinvent a struggling church with declining attendance. Others believe it will destroy it.

The minority who dissented to the interview committee’s motion finding Vosper unsuitable wrote that many of her theological positions, “while not in the mainstream, are not unique amongst the ministers and lay persons of the United Church.”

Until recently, Vosper’s unorthodox approach was welcomed by the United Church of Canada, a historically inclusive and open-minded Protestant denomination founded in 1925, when Presbyterians, Methodists and Congregationalists formed a union. It is a church that has always avoided setting boundaries on the scope of acceptable beliefs. Vosper, whose Twitter bio boasts, “Irritating the church into the 21st century,” has pushed the limits of that openness.

In challenging Vosper’s suitability for ministry, the church took the unprecedented step of asking itself whether there is a line. The majority of the 23-member review decided she has crossed it.

In the past, top elected church leaders, known as moderators, have enthusiastically come to Vosper’s defence, whether they agree with her or not. No one questioned her in 2008 when she published her first book, With or Without God: Why the Way We Live Is More Important Than What We Believe, or a few years later when she published her second, Amen: What Prayer Can Mean in a World Beyond Belief.

The tipping point came three years ago, when Vosper adopted a new label: atheist.

The West Hill congregation has stood behind her through it all.Others have balked — calling her a heretic, an abomination, a provocateur — and demanded to know why an atheist is allowed to preach from a Christian pulpit.

Things escalated in January 2015, when she wrote an open letter to then-moderator Rev. Gary Paterson in response to a prayer published on the United Church of Canada website for those killed in the Charlie Hebdo attacks, arguing the use of religious language reinforced the belief that motivated the killings: the existence of a supernatural God.

In May 2015, Toronto Conference announced that it planned to review Vosper’s fitness to be a minister, and asked Nora Sanders, general secretary of the United Church, to create a procedure for doing so.

A United Church minister can only be reviewed for alleged ineffectiveness or insubordination. The Sanders decision tied Vosper’s effectiveness to her “suitability.” A minister who is not suitable, Sanders ruled, cannot be effective. To assess suitability, Sanders wrote, a review committee may ask the minister to answer the ordination questions again, starting with: do you believe in God?

Vosper filed an appeal seeking to halt the review, arguing it would redefine the nature of ministry in the United Church and reduce the diversity of beliefs that could be expressed within the denomination. In March, the Church announced that the review would proceed.

The left is seeking to place leaders in churches who are social justice warriors of the left, rather than believers in the Bible.

Egalitarianism is intended to replace a real spiritual life. Negro worship and the worship of the nonwhite races is part of the agenda.

This perverted form of Christianity already widely exists. I suspect many of the pastors of liberal churches do not believe in God or the Bible.

This rejection of true Christianity in favor of universalism offers a reason for whites to embrace Odinism and other tribal pagan belief systems that predate Christianity.


Read more about Gretta Vosper at Wikipedia.

9 thoughts on “Liberals Whine as Atheist Woman Pastor is Removed from Pulpit

  1. She looked like the average runoff the mill Unitarian minister; most of the UUs are extreme far lefturds, atheists, wiccans, philosophical debaters, etc

    A few years ago I attended a few UU services in Boston and suburbs. The phony pretentiousness could be cut with a machete. During social hour I was taken aside and threatened with a severe tongue lashing for using hate speech…..can’t quite remember what the speech I used; perhaps saying something about Jesus being the only way to God, or not thinking Barry Obama was not the messiah.

    Here in Soviet Socialist Massachusetts many pastors in Episcopal, Methodist, and other liberal denominations are lesbians.

    • I don’t know if she is a lesbo, but she sure looks like one. Those liberal churches are mostly useful for networking for businesses purposes. With no need to network, there’s no need to go to one of them.

    • That this is even an issue shows just how subverted this Canadian denomination is. The Biblically predicted time has come when “they will not endure sound doctrine but… will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.” Notice this conference is “going to hear from Greta and her congregation and it’s possible they could say something that could cause us to go in a totally different…direction.” Wow. Greta and company might trump God’s commandments, according to the church leadership. We’ve heard from God in Scripture. Now we’ll hear from Greta and the gang. Incredible. The focus in many of today’s “churches” is on us and not on HIM. Newsflash: God’s Kingdom is not a democracy or republic, nor does the divine King need our opinions or our advice. He’s not going to change. He’s promised that. This woman and her congregation are in open, blatant rebellion against their Creator. Good luck with that one of these days.

  2. Personally I find the old European religion (odinism, although it has different names in different countries/times) to be a better fit because there is no universalism and thus fits better with Race Realists. If Christianity makes you happy fine, but don’t expect me to consider third world flotsam to be my ‘brothers’ or any of that other nonsense.

    • Most of our genuinely Bible-believing Christian ancestors would probably have shared your dislike for what passes as Christianity in the West today. I certainly do. However, Christianity and race realism are in no way incompatible. Western history proves that. The hosts of the Political Cesspool radio program are devoutly Christian and also race realists. They even got mentioned by Hillary Clinton recently as being “extremists”. If a man can be judged by his enemies as well as by his friends, her enmity is a pretty strong endorsement for these Christian guys. There’s also an excellent piece on Political Cesspool host James Edwards’ blog this week about the website faithandheritage, which is Christian and about as race realist as it gets.

  3. “Some argue it will reinvent a struggling church with declining attendance. Others believe it will destroy it.”

    There is no doubt to me that she is trying to destroy the Church and that her side will win, easily. Just as the (((Pope))) is trying to destroy the Catholic Church.

    This is a phoney cobbled together Church anyway, comprised of various groups of fanatics and true believers that rebelled in the past against the Church of England. They call themselves “United”. This unity was to mask the collapse of all old time Christian Protestant religions since the Jew overthrow of the White Man in 1965 or so. The Evangelicals have risen under this Jew time of Power and they support Israel First.

    Groups like the Methodists stood (more than 100 years ago) for hard work, sobriety, study, culture and lifting up the working man and away from the pub and bar and brothel and dance hall, in to the chapel and live classical music concerts.

    That is all out the window now. Probably the radio, then especially movies and TV, plus the Internet, mobile phones, smart phones, Apps etc have changed the culture completely. Society has devolved in to a selfish, drunken, drug using, lazy bunch of porn addicted, video game playing, unmarried bums. By and large.
    The West is kept afloat by older workers who are now retiring and dying of old age. The young as a group will not carry the baton forward. Civilization is doomed because whites are doomed. Only counterfeit money backed by nothing printed by (((Central Banks))) keeps the economy going, and the Welfare State as well.

    First the churches collapse and disappear because of loss of belief, faith and loyalty. Then the State collapses for the same reason.

    Nobody cares.

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