Correcting Goldstein

jew stereotype

Only white people are capable of preserving what has been known as America. Other races evolved differently and do not value things American.

Sweet f-ing Jesus, how many thousands of times did I observe that while working at the big public university in San Antonio, which is heavily nonwhite.

Multiculturalism is a failure. In this essay excerpt, Jews are discussed as the first example of the failure of multiculturalism.

Excerpt from Hateful Heretic’s piece at Radix Journal

Culture and race are inseparable by geographic reality. For a distinct genetic signature to exist, a group of people must be separated from another for thousands of years. If two groups of people separate for thousands of years, they will develop different laws, customs, religion, language, and morals. The longer they are separated, the more incompatible they become.

The Alt-Right begins with simply stating the obvious: Multiculturalism isn’t working. Then we look a little more closely. Turns out low IQ is genetic. Turns out that a propensity to violence is heritable. Turns out not everyone in the world actually wants liberty. Turns out that “liberty” as we know it evolved out of English common law. Turns out that millions—no, billions—of people around the world would more than happily vote away the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if given the chance, as they prefer Islam, slaughtering rival tribes, or sitting around and doing nothing all day. Turns out that Hispanics aren’t “natural conservatives” at all.

As to the love of liberty, there may be exceptions among the darker races, but you can’t make a country by trying to identify the exceptions and then give them a piece of your country.

Donald Trump is trying to do that by saying that as POTUS he would implement a policy of vetting immigrant Muslims and Mexicans (and others) to identify those with “American” values. The problem is that any Mexican or Muslim can easily lie about his values in order to obtain citizenship.

For Goldstein, “conservatism” is conceived only in purely financial terms. At this point, this should surprise nobody, and not because of the stereotype of the money-grubbing Jew. As Daily Beast writer Andrew Hermano wrote in How Jews Created American Modernism, Jews have always been separated from Western civilization and feel no sense of belonging to it. The only way they can feel they belong is if they purge those elements they find alien and hostile, what’s left being abstract and deracinated.

Really, Jews are America’s first failed attempt at assimilation. Unlike the nations of Europe, we allowed Jews full participation in our society, even the highest levels of education and government. The “reward” is Christianity banished from the public realm, sexual anarchy, feminism, and “conservative” redefined as conserving only Ronald Reagan’s tax code.

Christianity and so much more are hated by the Jews. These ungrateful sewer rats were given a home and welcomed by Christians as God’s Chosen People. The destruction of our country is the thanks we got.

pc jew

3 thoughts on “Correcting Goldstein

  1. Good article. “If two groups of people separate for thousands of years, they will develop different laws, customs, religion, language, and morals. ” Also they will change genetically, both physically and mentally.

    I read not long ago that all dog breeds from Chihuahua to Mastiffs evolved from just one basic type of domestic dog of only 2000 years ago This is mostly due to selection by human breeders. Unnatural Selection. Obvious that humans must also have changed a lot in 2000 years. The tribes with better diets would have grown stronger and more healthy while others may have declined. OTOH hungry tribes may have developed other survival skills, like the murdering, marauding Mongols. The least evolution would have happened in the tropics where “the livin’ is easy” as that Jew wrote in Porgy and Bess about a couple of Coons.

  2. i know you dont mean bad by it or you haven’t though about it but why you swearing at jesus , what I have noticed in all jew produced movies they always get the goy actors to swear at jesus

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