British State Deems Free Speech an ‘Offensive’ Term (Video)


Excerpt from Proud Boy Magazine

“The review identified that the following registered party descriptions are in the opinion of the Commission offensive.

 Vote for real people, not politicians!

 Western civilisation, British culture, free speech

 Halt immigration, tackle extremism, defend freedom

 Replace corrupt politicians, vote Liberty GB

 Halt immigration and extremism, defend freedom!”

Liberty GB regards this move by the Electoral Commission as an act of state-sponsored censorship that takes us a step closer to a Britain in which unorthodox opinions can be outlawed and opposition parties banned.

Published on Sep 6, 2016
The British Electoral Commission has banned my election slogans because they consider them ‘offensive’. This video explains how they have banned slogans which include the phrases ‘free speech’ and ‘British culture’.

You can contact the Electoral Commission to ask them why they are infringing on our democratic rights at

You can also tweet them at

You can read the full story at

If you would like to help my campaign, please donate over at

3 thoughts on “British State Deems Free Speech an ‘Offensive’ Term (Video)

  1. Note the decline of standards in the UK.
    The letter proves it.
    The letter is address to a Weston, but then he becomes Watson.
    The letter does not say so but I think the biggest offense is the moniker Liberty GB, especially GB which is short for Great Britain. This was the name of the country until quite recently. Now, it is a thought crime to say “GB”.
    Liberty is not a British thing either, it is a US and French thing influenced by that English trouble maker Thomas Paine. Millions died because of him, Napoleon got his start thanks to Paine.
    Also, what on earth does the tragic murder of the sitting member have to do with the right of any party to contest the by-election? If Liberty GB was the Government, the alleged killer would have been in a mental hospital instead of roaming the streets. The lady member would not have been stabbed to death.

    “Western civilisation, British culture, free speech”. Wow, this is offensive? To Muslims maybe who oppose all three of these? Does the House of Saud control the UK Electoral Commission? Or maybe a single Jew or white SJW is in charge? The Commission states on their letter in huge print “Putting voters first”. What a crock of shit.

    So maybe “Make Britain Nice Again” could be approved as a party? I doubt it, this would be extremist and racist also. Mr Weston and/or Mr Watson might eventually end up in jail for their “White Supremacism” ((TM)).

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