A Cure for the (((Neocons))) BloodLust?

Neoconed poster

I strongly advise young white men and women to avoid military service. Getting your legs and/or arms blown off in the service of Israel makes no sense. The Jewish neocons who craft American foreign policy view you as the Goyim, the cattle. You are cannon fodder to them.

Becky Akers posted this short piece on the libertarian Lew Rockwell’s site:

Lew Rockwell

A vet under the nom de guerre “Alsatian” tells me,

I’ve long noted that those most enthused about starting wars (the so-called neo-cons) have never actually been in a war and have no offspring in any of the military services. We should have a new constitutional amendment stipulating that any member of the congress or the administration initiating foreign interventions should have all their male offspring drafted immediately to serve in the initial assault battalions. Hopefully, that would curb their enthusiasm for foreign adventures and bloodlettings.

Either that, or Congress would suddenly contain only childless criminals.

Really, these people are evil. They would send their children to die, if it would keep the blood letting going. The only cure is to disempower them and disconnect American policy from Israel.

jewish neocon claim

2 thoughts on “A Cure for the (((Neocons))) BloodLust?

  1. Idea above is very good, re drafting the children of JeoCons and Congressmen and Senators who push for war.
    Ancient Sumeria has some very good and fair laws. If a house collapsed killing a son due to defect in building, the builders son was executed.
    What a great idea. Not many houses will fall down when such laws are in place. Not many wars will start with such drafting laws. How about drafting half the politicians for the front line also, by ballot or maybe democratic vote by public? the voters would send Churchill and Roosevelt off to their deaths and thus improve the USA and the UK hugely. WWII would be over even before it started.

    Almost all US military who served overseas since Vietnam are casualties, mental or physical. They were intentionally poisoned by their own side with chemical and nuclear weapons. In Vietnam, Agent Orange plus Christ knows what else. Heroin addiction became big time in US forces in Vietnam.
    In Gulf War ! in 1992, depleted uranium on tank busting shells poisoned most US servicemen in Kuwait. Well done good guys. Who needs enemies when you own side is out to kill you and make you sick?
    Not to mention fluoride in drinking water and other poisons forced on many Western people without any democratic vote. Israel has banned fluoridation. Israel does not poison their own soldiers either.

    • Too many Americans worship the military and are willing to send them to any country on earth. The “War on Terror” was a brilliant invention, justifying war for the next thousand years or whenever America’s expiration date comes up. If terrorists didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them. Oh, I forgot, we did invent them.

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