1,000 Year Old Viking Sword Found in Iceland


A sword would have made the difference between life and death, just like in today’s world a gun can make the difference.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

A group of geese hunters in Iceland found more than just birds on a recent outing, stumbling upon a 1,000-year-old Viking sword.

The perfectly preserved weapon was found in the dirt and undergrowth in Skaftarhreppur, Southern Iceland.

Experts believe the rusted sword laid undisturbed in a riverbed for centuries before being washed up during flooding last year.

Posting an image of the relic on Facebook, one of the hunters, Arni Bjorn Valdimarsson, claimed the double-edged sword may have belonged to Ingolfr Arnarson, widely recognised as the first Icelander and one of the earliest permanent settlers on the island.

‘It was just lying there, waiting to be picked up,’ said Runar Stanley Sighvatsson, another of the hunting party.

The Icelandic Cultural Heritage Agency has since claimed the sword, taking possession of it on Monday morning, saying the weapon is one of a small number to have been found in tact in Iceland.

According to Icelandic law, all archaeological remains found on or in the ground are considered the property of the state.

From the Daily Mail information box:


The Norse chieftain Ingolfr Arnarson and his wife Hallveig Frodesdatter are thought to be the first permanent Nordic settlers of Iceland.

According to the Icelandic Book of Settlements, Landnama, he left Norway after becoming involved in a blood feud.

He set off with his family for a new island that had been described by other Norse sailors including Garoarr Svavarsson and Floki Vilgeroarson – the first Norsemen to sail to Iceland.

According to Icelandic legend, upon seeing the soaring shores of Iceland he threw his carved high seat pillars overboard and swore to build his farm wherever they came ashore.

It apparently took three years before it was finally located in a large bay in the southwest of the country in 874AD. He called the place Reykjavik ,which means steam bay.

Ingolfr’s son Torstein Ingolfrsson later became a chieftain and founded the first parliament – known as a thing – in Iceland.

There’s more pictures and a map at the Daily Mail.

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