Walmart Stores In White Neighborhoods Are ‘Better’: Study Claims


The professor who conducted this study is named (((Andy Reich,))) not to be confused with anyone leading the Third Reich.

13 News Now

GREENSBORO, NC — Are some Walmarts “better” than others?

We’re talking good customer service. Clean stores. Stocked shelves. Short check-out times.

According to a new study, yes.

Andy Reich, a Columbia University Assistant Professor of Sociology says his study has revealed not all Walmarts are created equal.

To simplify his findings, he says, White and rich neighborhoods have better Walmarts than Black and poor neighborhoods.

“People used words like ‘unorganized’, ‘nasty’ and ‘worst’ to describe stores in communities of color much more than they used those words to describe Walmarts in Whiter communities,” Reich said in a Skype interview.

He says he analyzed 35,000 Yelp reviews across 28-hundred Walmart stores in the U.S.

He then used those keywords and matched them with the reviewers’ race and neighborhood they live in.

The data was collected between 2004 and 2015.

So, does Reich’s finding resonate with Walmart shoppers in the Triad?

2 Wants to Know did a quick survey of local Walmart shoppers to see if their responses matched up to the study.

“I would say it doesn’t apply,” said one shopper names David.

Another shopper, Lakeitha said, “I can’t really tell.”

On the other hand, shopper Ira said, “In the white neighborhoods, they are better. Because I shop at all of them. I’m sorry. I’m just being honest.”

Janina added, “I definitely, agree. Only because I feel Walmarts in White neighborhoods are more stocked, the supply is more bountiful, it’s cleaner.”

Marie disagreed, saying, “I have not found that to be the case.”

“They are about the same,” Donna said.

On second thought, Marie revised her original resonse. “When I really think about it, now that I’m listening to myself, I agree,” she said.

Randy was confused. “Sounds a little uncanny to me to think that,” he said.

WFMY reached out to Walmart for a statement but hasn’t yet received a response.

However, the company did release a statement to Business Insider saying Reich’s study was “flawed and without merit.”

In response, Reich said, “Uh. Which part was flawed and without merit?”

Walmart went on to say in its statement, “We’ve invested $2.7 billion on associate education, training and wages. We’re also proud to provide to communities across the country, regardless of social or economic background, access to affordable goods and career opportunities to help them better provide for their families.”

Reich responded, while that’s positive, the study didn’t reveal that. “I think that if [Walmart] actually put its money where its mouth is, it would go a long way towards improving customer service in these neighborhoods,” Reich added.

The study’s author doesn’t think Walmart is intentionally making stores in White neighborhoods better than those in minority neighborhoods or has an racial motivations.
Reich says it come down to money and competition.

“Walmart is in the business of making money so when it goes into a wealthier, whiter neighborhood, where it does have to compete with more retailers, it’s forced to make more investments in staffing,” he explained.

Here we have a troublemaking Jew professor planting ideas in the heads of “oppressed” blacks. Even Walmart oppresses them, although I’m sure Reich didn’t consider the shoplifting costs and the general chaos that blacks create wherever they go.

If Walmart leaves black areas, believe me, Target isn’t stepping in with low prices and good service.

granny walmart nigger

6 thoughts on “Walmart Stores In White Neighborhoods Are ‘Better’: Study Claims

  1. QUOTE – “Walmart Stores In White Neighborhoods Are ‘Better’: Study Claims”

    NEXT STUDY – Walmart Stores In White Neighborhoods Are NO Better anymore

  2. This ((Reich))) fellow is a Communist. He wants to drag down white neighborhoods to the standard of nigger neighborhoods. How can Coon neighborhoods possibly be raised up even with trillions of dollars? Did he not hear about LBJs Great Society, a horrible failure?
    The problem is not racism at Walmart. the problem is niggers.

    Niggers work less and at more stupid jobs and thus have less money to spend. How come Tiffany doe not open jewellery stores in Nigger areas? Or (((high fashion))) houses, they also avoid nigger areas? Even banks discriminate and have far fewer ATMs in dangerous and crime infested areas, wow what a surprise. Banks must be racist! Says the Jew who wants a Nobel prize just for being s Jew. Reich is a good example of an IQ95 hard at “work”. Lying!

    “he says, White and rich neighborhoods have better Walmarts than Black and poor neighborhoods.”

    This guy makes Inspector LeStrade look like a genius, and Dr Watson the greatest crime analyst and detective in history..

    Black and poor area shops are bad because they are staffed by blacks and poor people. Even if Coons do their best it is not very good. maybe Reich needs to go to Africa and study reality in an African country.

    I have seen the same thing at Target in Sydney. In shithouse suburbs the store is more shtihouse. The shoppers are much more poorly dressed, they are often fatter, and the shelves are not as neat and well stocked. It may be that poor scum manhandle the shelves and make a mess more than intelligent and well bred people. Plus the poor suburbs have, on average, inferior and less educated workers and less white workers, of course.

    • All true, confirmed every day by simple observation. Jew Reich is an Assistant Professor. He needs to be denied tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, but with his “exposing racism” I’m sure his bosses are happy with him. He has done nothing new with his study and it has ZERO social value. In fact, like most academic research, it’s bullshit, so has negative social value.

  3. Even Walmart in white neighborhoods attract bottom feeders. I find that when I shop at Ma/Pa stores and smaller grocery chains, it’s mostly white.

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