Steve Sailer: Puerto Ricans Flooding U.S., Turning Swing State Florida Democrat


Excerpt from Taki’s Magazine

Puerto Rico is being allowed to fall apart in order to rig American presidential elections by tipping Florida’s electoral votes to the Democrats. The looting of Puerto Rico’s institutions by the rich and the poor alike is depopulating the island.

Puerto Rico is a fascinating test case for what has emerged as the central issue of 2016 politics: borders.

The two American presidential candidates in 2016 both seem fairly centrist in terms of traditional left-right positions, but Mrs. Clinton ranks with John McCain as the purest example of current invade-the-world-invite-the-world establishment ideology. In contrast, as Hillary fumed last week, Donald Trump has fueled his surprise run by endorsing the “alternative” worldview that finds borders prudent and valuable.

For example, Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU politician who heads the European Commission, enunciated this month the ascendant dogma: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”

Expressions of open-borders extremism such as this are becoming ever more explicit and common, but way back on Sept. 10, 2001, Mrs. Clinton’s husband affirmed “the ultimate wisdom of a borderless world” and called for “open borders to all.”

Although The Wall Street Journal first called for the constitutional amendment “There shall be open borders” in 1984, the world’s elites have typically been more enthusiastic about denouncing commoners for doubting their dream of borderlessness than in empirically testing their idea.

Puerto Rico, therefore, is useful to study as a test of the effects of antinationalism because it is a third-world nation with its own Olympic team, yet it enjoys open borders with the United States.

“In short, what the Puerto Rican nation needs is nationalism.”

It’s increasingly turned out to be an expensive scam. Puerto Rico has run up $110 billion in debt and unfunded pension liabilities.

But open borders have also been a catastrophe for Puerto Ricans, who have been abandoning their native land in droves.

In the West Side Story song “America,” Rita Moreno snidely described life in Puerto Rico as:

Always the hurricanes blowing

Always the population growing

But Puerto Rico’s population has been collapsing in recent years. The Wall Street Journal reported two months ago:

Puerto Rico has suffered a population slide that is steeper and more financially disastrous than in any U.S. state since the end of World War II.

In 2014 alone, a net of 1.8 percent of Puerto Rico’s population left for the mainland. The cumulative decline from its peak population in 2004 is now approaching 10 percent.

In contrast, the Puerto Rican population of the 50 states grew about 50 percent from 2000 to 2013.

About three-fifths of all Puerto Ricans now live on the mainland.

That’s an important fraction to be aware of because we are often told that only a small percentage of the 6.1 billion people who live in the less developed nations would bother to decamp for the first world under a policy of open borders. But the experience of Puerto Rico, which is hardly poor (GPD per capita is near triple the world average), suggests that if allowed, third worlders would keep coming until life in America and Europe declines to third-world conditions.

The rest of Steve’s piece finishes up with the facts about what a horrible, corrupt place Puerto Rico is.


5 thoughts on “Steve Sailer: Puerto Ricans Flooding U.S., Turning Swing State Florida Democrat

  1. The rich jew mill owners and farms began accelerated flooding Jew England with Puta Ricans during the 50’s. I remember where I grew up in one of the sister city cesspools or Lowell/Lawrence. Most of the Putas never returned to Puta Rico due to the States generous welfare gibs. It almost seems Massachusetts has more Putas than Puta Rico.

  2. Read all the article. It predicts the future by analyzing the past and present. 60% of all Puerto Ricans now live in the USA. What if 60% of all Africans moved to Europe and the USA and other “white” countries? That would be an invasion of 600 million Coons not counting all the new babies popping out. In my opinion, this invasion will happen. The world belongs to the blacks, the browns and the yellows. Whites have lost due to Jews opening the gates and most whites under about 60 years of age not even giving two shits about their own genetic future, beyond their own selfish lifetime I mean.

    “Mrs. Clinton ranks with John McCain as the purest example of current invade-the-world-invite-the-world (((establishment))) ideology.”

    “Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU politician who heads the European Commission, enunciated this month the ascendant dogma: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.””
    Politicians did not invent borders, what a Bunch Of Crap. Even the most primitive animals have borders – territory. They will fight to the death to protect their territory. The defender (male) is always braver and willing to fight than the invader (male). If the defender loses, he will probably die of starvation. So he must fight to the death, while an invader might go elsewhere and find a weaker target. Even nomads have their own territory which they pass through or visit. Territory also always applies to groups of primates like Chimps, Baboons and Human “Beens” like whites. It is one thing to have open borders within Europe but to have no external border is suicide for all of Europe. Which is what this traitor and dictator Juncker wants. He wants Europe to become Africa. I wonder why he wants this?

    • When I lived on my acre in the far suburbs it was like living in the country to a degree. I saw the deer fighting over territory. They are often charming in appearance, but you should see them fight.

      I am not as pessimistic as you about our future. I believe it was Henry Ford who said that if we could round up the top 50 Jew troublemakers that the effect of that would be enormous. Cut off the head of the snake and the rest of him dies.

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