Mexican heritage textbook for Texas schools full of ‘offensive stereotypes’ Say Mexicans

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A textbook used in Texas schools that tells the truth about Mexicans leaves Mexicans offended, and they’re raising a stink.

The objective of the Mexican protesters is to prevent the truth from being told. In the long run, these La Raza “Mexicano Supremacists” have in mind f*cking the white race out of existence via numerical superiority.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Along with other Hispanic education advocates, Ruben Cortez was pleased to discover that Texas might approve a Mexican American studies textbook for use in public schools.

Then he read it.

The textbook, Mexican American Heritage, is packed with “flagrant falsehoods and offensive racial stereotypes”, the state board of education member told a press conference on Tuesday in Brownsville, near the border with Mexico. “Frankly this sounds like something in line with what you’d hear in the Trump campaign.”

Cortez convened an eight-member committee of academics and teachers to examine the book, and they produced a 54-page report (pdf) which details what they say are 141 errors of fact, interpretation and omission.

“It is an utter shame that we as policymakers, educational professionals and communities across this great state must deal with this racially offensive and poor attempt at academic work,” Cortez said. “Clearly intended to be a political Trojan horse into our schools, this textbook is a complete disaster and this should not even be considered a textbook, rather a political manifesto aimed at distorting the perceptions of our most valuable resources, our children.”

The report’s authors accuse the book, by Jaime Riddle and Valarie Angle, of having a “primary thesis, that Mexican American history reveals major menacing or un-American trends in American history, society and culture”.

According to the book, Chicano activists “adopted a revolutionary narrative that opposed western civilization and wanted to destroy this society”. The report’s authors also take exception to a passage that states: “Illegal immigration has … caused a number of economic and security problems in the United States over which people are divided on how to solve. Poverty, non-assimilation, drugs, crime and exploitation are among some of these problems”.

Shortly afterwards, the report adds, the book claims that some people worry “that Spanish-speaking communities could, over time, become more connected to the world of Mexico rather than to the United States, threatening the stability of the country”.

The book repeats a view of Mexicans as indolent, then fails to challenge the falsehood, the report says. It quotes a passage: “Stereotypically, Mexicans were viewed as lazy compared to European or American workers. Industrialists were very driven, competitive men who were always on the clock and continually concerned about efficiency.

“They were used to their workers putting in a full day’s work, quietly and obediently, and respecting rules, authority and property. In contrast, Mexican laborers were not reared to put in a full day’s work so vigorously. There was a cultural attitude of ‘mañana,’ or ‘tomorrow’, when it came to high-gear production. It was also traditional to skip work on Mondays, and drinking on the job could be a problem.”

My economic development professor at the University of New Orleans, the late W. T. Wilford, spent a number of years of his life living in South America. He knew the Mestizo well. According to rumors, he was single because he had fallen in love with a South American girl whose family would not accept a white man as a son-in-law.

Anyway, he confirmed for our class many times that the Mestizo mind works differently from the white mind. He was no racist. He just told the truth about what he saw. Laziness and stupidity.

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9 thoughts on “Mexican heritage textbook for Texas schools full of ‘offensive stereotypes’ Say Mexicans

  1. You need to stay out of Louisiana. Besides one in every eight so called white people here have negro ancestry so I would not want you to hook up with tainted blood!!!!!

  2. Paladin wrote ” “Mexicano Supremacists” have in mind f*cking the white race out of existence via numerical superiority.”

    This is happening worldwide and it has been happening since life began. One group out-breeds and out-competes another, which is wiped out and disappears. For a few hundred years whites were breeding fast and exporting themselves all around the world spreading civilisation and Christianity. Now whites are in full retreat and are slowly becoming extinct. The fast breeding blacks and mud bloods are wining the competition. The worst of the black Africans only exist at all because of free food and medicine from white fools.

    No other species in the past ever intentionally helped their enemy to wipe them out. The white situation is like the kind loving birds that unknowingly bring up a huge ugky cuckoo in their own nest. This hungry fast growing baby POS is soon bigger than the “parents”. The cuckoo has also first murdered the real biological baby birds. Why cannot the parent birds see that this songless freak is not of their species, which killed their real babies and the future of their own DNA? Why cannot white people see the same thing with Africans, Muslims, Asians and Hispanics?

  3. Its lovely when the enemy starts eating its own. The whole education system is one leftist kumbaya party so I find this all very amusing. Maybe they can offend a few more other groups to get things really going.

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