Jew Matt Lauer Under Fire From Left for Commander-in-Chief Questioning

It’s interesting the way the Jewish controlled media has turned on one of their fair-haired boys tonight. Matt Lauer, not Hillary and not the Donald, is THE STORY arising from the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum Wednesday night.

It’s easy to understand why the press is saying two things:

1. Lauer “grilled” Hillary, wasting too much time on irrelevancies like her email scandal.

2. Lauer “lobbed softballs” at Trump, while failing to call him on his “lies.”

The reason they’re saying this is that Trump won. That’s why the media has turned the story away from Clinton vs. Trump to make Lauer the fall guy for Trump’s commanding presence and Hillary’s sour, angry tone.

Excerpt from the Huffington Post

NEW YORK ― Wednesday night’s “Commander­in­Chief Forum” on NBC should have gone down as the first time the two 2016 presidential candidate shared a stage. But it will be remembered largely for the shortcomings of the man who was tasked with moderating.

Matt Lauer, the “Today” show host, flunked in primetime. And his failure was even more remarkable because he had the very information he needed to succeed.

During the first half of an hourlong event, Hillary Clinton pointed out to Lauer that Republican nominee Donald Trump had expressed support for the Iraq War prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion, even though he’s falsely claimed throughout his entire candidacy to have been staunchly opposed to it.

“My opponent was for the war in Iraq,” Clinton said at the forum simulcast on NBC and MSNBC. “He says he wasn’t. You can ― you can go back and look at the record. He supported it. He told Howard Stern he supported it.”

But when Trump took the stage in the second half of the event, he cited his criticism of the war in an August 2004 Esquire story as evidence he opposed the invasion, which actually began 16 months earlier. In a room full of Iraq War veterans, Lauer didn’t challenge Trump’s false claim.

The failure to fact­check on Iraq didn’t go unnoticed among many journalists on Twitter, including Lauer’s colleague, NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray.

But criticism of Lauer’s performance began well before Trump even hit the stage. He grilled Clinton from the start on her handling of classified information while using a private email account as secretary of state. After several questions on the subject, Lauer turned to a member of the audience who also referred to the email situation in asking Clinton about handling sensitive information.

You’d think a fair and unbiased press would be talking about what many noticed, including Ann:

One thought on “Jew Matt Lauer Under Fire From Left for Commander-in-Chief Questioning

  1. “because he had the very information he needed to succeed.”
    “Succeed” in the MSM means to destroy the person who has been targeted by the Jews. Also to boost the swine who (((they))) have chosen to lead the USA.
    Success does not mean being moderate and fair.
    So many comperes think they are story and not the two Presidential candidates. The hubris of the (((media))) is sickening.

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