Who Looked Stronger? Trump or Hillary (Polls)

Trump currently sits at 84 percent in this little poll:

You might as well look at the video of the Forum embedded in the previous post and then vote.

Here’s an official NBC News poll you can vote in. In this one, which some Trump supporters say is rigged, Trump sits at 51 percent.

2 thoughts on “Who Looked Stronger? Trump or Hillary (Polls)

  1. Even Soros admitted in a recent interview that Trump will win in a landslide, but quickly added that it means nothing, as Hillary is done deal, she will “win” electorally – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfTAD4Fzf3s&feature=youtu.be

    If this would happen, I hope that an immediate coup d’etat would follow, of course if minimal traces of dignity and honor remained in US Military and correlating agencies. Seeing (((them))) and Hillary-Obambo gang in a “camps” would be an ultimate, almost unimaginable pleasure.

    • I saw the interview clip with soros saying that. I wanted to reach into the screen and drag that jew fossil out by his hook nose

      I doubt a coup would ever take place in this country unless it was a far left communist coup, then all the zombies would cheer

      Of the hundreds of sheep I have talked with here about soros, only one or two even knew who he is. The same went for saul alinsky, Kissinger and all the other communist agitators

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