Trump Says Putin Better Leader than Obama at Commander-in-Chief Forum, While Hillary May Have CHEATED (Video)


Like they say on the Internet, Obama comes to play checkers, while Putin comes to play chess.


Donald Trump declared on Wednesday that Russia’s Vladimir Putin had been a better leader than U.S. President Barack Obama, as the Republican presidential nominee used a televised forum to argue he was best equipped to reassert America’s global leadership.

Trump suggested at the event in which he and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton made back-to-back appearances that U.S. generals had been stymied by the policies of Obama and Clinton, who served as the Democratic president’s first secretary of state.

“I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point that’s embarrassing for our country,” Trump said at NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum in New York attended by military veterans.

It was the first time Trump and Clinton had squared off on the same stage since accepting their parties’ presidential nominations in July for the Nov. 8 election.

Clinton was grilled over her handling of classified information while using a private email server during her tenure at the State Department. FBI Director James Comey had declared her “extremely careless” in her handling of sensitive material but did not recommend charges against her.

“I did exactly what I should have done and I take it very seriously, always have, always will,” she said.Trump’s praise of Putin and his suggestion that the United States and Russia form an alliance to defeat Islamic State militants could raise eyebrows among foreign policy experts who feel Moscow is interfering with efforts to stem the Syrian civil war.

“If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him,” Trump said of the Russian president. “Certainly in that system, he’s been a leader, far more than our president has been.”

Trump had called Obama “the founder of ISIS,” an acronym for Islamic State, in stump speeches several weeks ago. The statement drew broad criticism, prompting him to take a more disciplined approach to campaigning. He has since picked up ground on Clinton in national opinion polls.

trump putin obama leader of isis

Trump also flirted with revealing what he had been learning in classified intelligence briefings given to him by U.S. officials because he is the Republican nominee.

“There was one thing that shocked me,” Trump said. “What I did learn is that our leadership, Barack Obama, did not follow what our experts … said to do, and I was very, very surprised. …Our leaders were not following what they recommended.”

Here’s the full video of the forum:

humor putin w obama as baby mad jewess

Actually, isn’t it Hillary who’s wearing the diapers these days? I guess a half hour sitting down didn’t strain her too much. The first debate will be later this month.

And what’s with the earpiece? Was Hillary being fed her answers via radio due to some mental impairment?

7 thoughts on “Trump Says Putin Better Leader than Obama at Commander-in-Chief Forum, While Hillary May Have CHEATED (Video)

  1. “foreign policy (((experts))) who feel Moscow is interfering with efforts to stem the Syrian civil war.”
    Jew “experts” who want the war to escalate. Liars. USA is the one interfering with efforts against the rebels including ISIS.

    “I was very, very surprised. …Our leaders were not following what they recommended.” Trump.

    The generals are not Jews. Jews tells the Prez what to do, not the military. Trump could have said this instead….
    “I was not surprised. …Our leaders were following what (((they))) recommended to the letter.”

  2. It wasn’t that good for Trump, he acted too much erratic, the way he conducted himself during his rallies, and quite nervous this time. Hillary as a versed PROFESSIONAL LIAR is very skilled orator, and in spite of the fact that whatever she says is lie, she is selling her shit very proficiently. That bitch stays cool even when cornered in lying.

    Trump’s purposeless bragging was again counterproductive, especially at this level of professional Military audience. Here he have had to change ton and showman attitude. His earlier reckless statement that he knows more than generals followed him hear and he should have handled this much more refined way from how he did it.

    Trump should devote much more time to THINK and CONTEMPLATE carefully before he open’s mouth. You can’t allow your mouth to go before the brain.

    Trump and his team have to understand that Trump as a potential President has no required skills and certainly not the TEMPERAMENT. His main advantage could be his eventual DETERMINATION to CONFRONT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, HYPOCRISY, CORRUPTION AND DISASTROUS ABUSE OF POWER within establishment. He should have EMPHASIZED, thru all his campaign, that it’s not he who can do that all by himself, but the TEAM he will assemble and COORDINATE, strictly for that purpose. This way he would avoid constant questioning of his competence. This is actually the only way that any presidential job can be done, particularly in such monumental, complex and sophisticated system as America is.

    America can’t be run Putin style and Russia can’t be run American style, and that is THE FACT!

    • That idea of the team should and could be emphasized easily. He does have the support of 88 defense experts according to a headline I saw. He also needs to emphasize that the world is a dangerous place and his mutual respect via Putin can increase the chances of world peace. The peace message will sell, but not a romance with Putin.

  3. I watched how MSM like hyenas feed on Trump’s performance, which to be honest were dilettantish and his red face just contributed to blander. Trump looked completely unprepared, especially at questions about his plan on ISIS. It’s probably fault of his team, or I don’t know.

    Trump could have easily wipe out Hillary’s babbling about “her” counter-ISIS “plan” with simply saying – ISIS is her and Obambo’s creation, hence she has no right to even cough in that direction.

    As off anti-ISIS plan, he should end this nonsense by saying – Presidents do not make war plans, it’s the job of Military planners and Generals appointed on such task by President, and certainly this was not the place for talking about that.

    As of his not liking or respecting Hussein Obambo, which Hillary is chewing now as a Mad Cow, he could have easily reveal the “secret” that half of Americans also share same opinion about “their loving” presidential Sultan Hussein.

    Mad Cow is also chewing on his respect of Putin, which is idiotic, as it doesn’t mean Trump is in love with him. Respecting your opponent is a wise stance, which is a basic rule of every Military commander and troops in the theater.

    Trump and his team will have to rehearse much harder, as Mad Cow is in this game for over 30 years and there is no doubt that wicked witch plays cunningly. She probably can’t walk easily, but she hellishly rides her broom, just as witches do.

    • Almost forgot, Trump should have never again talk about how successful he is/was in his business. It became shabby, very shabby and outdated now.

  4. Just Checked CNN and bingo, Witch prattles how she will make America SAFER and BETTER. Trump has opportunity to quickly counter with – “SAFER” as she did with Libya and Syria, where life became incomparably “BETTER”. If Americans want Middle East in America – vote HILLARY.

    She is constantly booby-trapping herself with her proprietary nonsense and lies, and Trump’s teams should vigorously prey on every such opportunity and debunk her IMMEDIATELY.

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