Inspirational Quote of the Day: How to Prevent War by a “Nazi” Leader


Kesselring was defiant until his death 15 years after the war. Good for him. He exhibited no remorse for being a good soldier.

The Wikipedia entry on Kesselring is very interesting.

The death verdict against Kesselring unleashed a storm of protest in the United Kingdom. Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill immediately branded it as too harsh and intervened in favour of Kesselring. Field Marshal Alexander, now Governor General of Canada, sent a telegram to Prime Minister Clement Attlee in which he expressed his hope that Kesselring’s sentence would be commuted. “As his old opponent on the battlefield”, he stated, “I have no complaints against him. Kesselring and his soldiers fought against us hard but clean.”[163] Alexander had expressed his admiration for Kesselring as a military commander as early as 1943.[82] In his 1961 memoirs Alexander paid tribute to Kesselring as a commander who “showed great skill in extricating himself from the desperate situations into which his faulty intelligence had led him”.[164]

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: How to Prevent War by a “Nazi” Leader

  1. Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog and commented:
    Und alles für unsere Heimat, die deutsche Nation im DEUTSCHEM REICHE! Das ist nich BRD GmbH Deutschland, das sind Länder, die heute NWO-Firma sind in der EU und Nachbarn, die christliches Recht, römisch-katholisches Recht im Blut haben, wie auch Arier, Germanen, Kelten und Schweden, pipapo. Gestern hatte ich einen Schweden in Wuppertal getroffen. Er liebt uns Deutsche!
    Dank an meine Vorfahren im Volk der Deutschen!

    • Thanks for the reblog. I pulled this translation up from Google:

      And all of our home , the German nation in GERMAN RICH ! This is nich Germany GmbH Germany, which are countries that NWO company are now in the EU and neighbors who have Christian right , Roman Catholic law in the blood , as well as Aryan , Germanic , Celtic and Sweden pipapo . Yesterday I met a Swede in Wuppertal . He loves us German !
      Thanks to my ancestors in the people of the German !

  2. Too bad Hitler did not seek advice from Kesselring before September 1939. The Polish Government was a clique of right wing Colonels who hated Communism and Russia. there is a long history of hate between Poland and Russia. In 1922 the Red scum tried to invade Poland and got their arses kicked. So who did Hitler attack first? The Poles. With better diplomacy he could have had Poland on his side and attacked the (((Soviet Union))) only, which had no guarantees from France or the British Empire. He could thus have won the war fairly easily, and would have won. If that is what he actually wanted to do. There would have been no Israel if Hitler had chosen this course. He also could have forced the Nips to destroy the Soviet Union with him. He could then have helped them with their plans elsewhere, say China.
    All he had to say to the Poles was “Join me or I will smash you”. Even the Poles would not be so stupid, but maybe they were that stupid, they accepted a useless guarantee from the British ( a trap perhaps). As a result Poland and East Germany became Communist slave hells run by Jews after 1945.
    Hitler helped Franco win in Spain. In return the wily Franco gave Hitler nothing. Hitler declared war on the USA in December 1942. The Nips gave Hitler nothing, except making Britain busy in Asia (a plus) and bringing the USA in to the war (a big minus). Also thus the Nips could never attack the Soviet Union, freeing up a lot of Red solders to fight Hitler, another big minus
    Who would go to war with very weak allies like Italy (retreat and surrender experts), Rumania and Hungary? A slim coalition to fight and win a world war. The Germans almost won anyway, even with many spies helping the Allies.
    Soviet causalities were about 6 to 1 when fighting the efficient Germans. US caulauties were about 2 to 1 for similar reason, bad leadership, gung ho generalship. the Germans were brave and resourceful but not fools. Too bad the fools were at the top in Berlin as is so often the case.
    The British and French also hated and feared Communism and the Soviet Union. So who did Hitler attack next, in 1940? France and Britain.
    Why no peace treaty to end the war in the west before May 1940?

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