Chicongo: Cops Stay Home in Protest, Negroids Go on MURDER SPREE


You already know about the violence in Chicago. Here’s a tidbit that shows that when the police organize an informal job walkout, that the chaos becomes worse. That’s a logical fact that really doesn’t need explaining.

Imagine the effects if a general strike by Americans against the rigged system were to be held. People sick of the System have more power than they realize. The Chicago police understand that.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

Last week, we noted the risk of a violent Labor Day weekend in Chicago with the Fraternal Order of Police urging its rank and file members to deny overtime requests for the holiday weekend “to protest the continued disrespect of Chicago Police Officers and the killings of Law Enforcement Officers across our Country” (see “As Chicago Violence Soars, Officers Told To Stay Home In Protest Of ‘Continued Disrespect Of Police'”).

While it’s unknown how many cops did choose to stay home and ignore overtime requests, there was a clear spike in violence over the long holiday weekend with a total of 65 people shot and 13 of them killed. Chicago recorded a total of 481 shootings and 91 homicides in August which tied for the most the city had seen in a single month in 20 years. In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Labor Day weekend was the deadliest of the three holiday weekends of the summer with 13 killed versus 6 over the Memorial Day weekend 5 over the Fourth of July weekend.

March And Vigil Remember Chicago Student Beaten To Death Near Community Ctr

3 thoughts on “Chicongo: Cops Stay Home in Protest, Negroids Go on MURDER SPREE

  1. NPR and more middle of the road Boston news sewer outlets have been playing this worn out record to death. The SJWs on the air and their negro house pets were flapping their jaws that all the violence in Chimpcongo and other Demoncrap run cities is due to black oppression, white privilege, lack of affordable housing (FOR BLACKS), lack of access to higher education (FOR BLACKS) , lack of good paying jobs (FOR BLACKS), etc, etc…….the grooves on that record are so worn out but the white majority is in tears of support for the oh-so-oppressed african-murkan

    My prayers go out to all the cops who have to wade through this jew created race baiting quicksand

  2. I like this work to rule idea, a lot. Cops usually can not go on strike legally. But they are not slaves and cannot be compelled to work overtime etc.
    So, refuse the overtime and let the Nignogs kill each other.
    Then the Chicongo Jew mayor will plead for the white police to volunteer for overtime.

    A National US Police Strike for 24 hours is a better idea, legal or not. What are (((they))) going to do afterwards? Fire all the police, or jail them all?
    This strike would be fascinating because Coon City and Spic City crime would explode. White areas would be just as quiet and peaceful as any other day. It is worth doing as a Social experiment and Obama should support the idea. “Give Coons A Chance” to prove that they are just the same as whites. A police strike is the ideal way to prove this “fact”.

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