LGBT Activists HATE the Feminist #IfMenHadPeriods Hashtag


The left is at war with itself. It’s a beautiful thing to see, but damn this gets tiresome.

None of us normal people care about whether you chicks have dicks or about you men with vaginas. Leave us out. We would rather not interact with you mentally ill freaks at all, but you keep sticking your thingies in our faces and demanding our approval.

Excerpt from PJ Media

Liberal OB/GYN Jennifer Gunter launched a hashtag on Monday, speculating how the world would be different if men had periods. Gunter and many others started mocking the idea, and a great deal of their tweets were genuinely funny. LGBT activists, however, took huge offense to this.

“Yay, I love transphobia. Always heartwarming and not at all awful #IfMenHadPeriods,” declared Charles Clymer, an Army veteran and alumnus of Georgetown University who has 22 thousand followers.

Clymer wasn’t alone. Rather than taking a joke, LGBT activists had to point out that transgender men actually do have periods — unless they’ve taken the full sex reassignment surgery, of course.

So mocking the biological fact that people with an X and Y chromosome (previously called “men”) do not get periods is “transphobic” and “essentialist.” But wait, the LGBT crowd has proof:

And there’s this “inclusive” claim that people of “all genders” can have periods:

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but since an OB/GYN started this, I would think she might have a scientific response like “I was talking about biological sex, not gender identity.” To a sensible person, this might make sense, but to the LGBT community, it probably sounds like just another excuse to push transphobia.

Conservative blogger Matt Walsh took it in stride, making fun of the fracas.

A country where people occupy their time debating whether men have periods is not a serious country. I hope the rest of the world follows this debate and other similar leftist nonsense and asks a truly relevant question: “Are all Americans crazy?”

Well, yes, it seems that many are.

There are many places leftists can take us with their inane, destructive “conversations.” I can’t wait until someone starts a debate about how good women with beards look.

bearded tranny eurovision

Hmmm. I think I’ll pass on women with beards.

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