Hero Stray Pit Bull That Was Slashed While Stopping Stab Attack Gets a Forever Home

stabbed pit bull

Kudos to Hero the pit bull for saving a woman who was being stabbed and kudos to all who helped Hero live and find a forever home.


A Georgia stray pit bull that made headlines after rescuing a woman from being stabbed and nearly dying in the process has found a forever home.

He was a street dog who became known as “Hero” after saving the woman and getting stabbed himself before undergoing emergency surgery during which he died twice.

Hero pulled through despite tough odds after the attack early this summer. On Thursday, his bravery helped earn him a new home.

Hero’s new doggy parents, Sara and David Simpson, say he’s getting along just fine in his new home in Tennessee with two canine friends.

“We are really blessed to be taking this baby and making him family. Adjustments are going well,” Sara Simpson wrote in a Facebook post.
Simpson also recounted Hero’s amazing tale and said it is a lesson in why rescues are often the best choice when searching for an animal companion.

“Adopt. Don’t buy from breeders or shops. So so so many animals out there need loving homes,” she wrote.

Hero was stabbed five times and was left for dead until two kind officers came to his rescue.

Officers Timothy Clay and Daniel Seeley brought the courageous pooch to a local vet where he died twice during surgery.

“He collapsed several times,” said Carla Welch, founder and director of Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue in Tennessee. “His gums were white, which meant that almost all of his blood was gone.

According to Welch, Hero was a well-known stray in the neighborhood and knew the victim well.

The pit bull lived most of his life on the streets but may have had owners in the past due to a microchip found inside of him.

“Most pit bulls are really protective,” said Welch. “They can sense danger and when someone gets loud, it perks their attention.”

hero and rescuers

I Still Love Dogs makes an important point, which is that the protective nature of the pit bull is often overlooked due to negative reporting about these creatures.

Stories of Pit Bulls saving their pet parents from attacks really aren’t that unusual, although you’d never know it from the news media, which generally prefers to report only negative stories about these misunderstood dogs.

Last week, a 7-year-old stray Pit Bull in Baldwin, Ga., saved a life — not of a family member, but of a total stranger when he got between a man and the woman he was attacking. The man stopped attacking the woman, but he stabbed the Pit Bull five times.

When police officers Timothy Clay and Daniel Seely arrived at the scene, the dog was lying in a pool of blood. They rushed him to the nearest animal hospital and gave him the appropriate name “Hero.”

“I don’t think we could have let that dog suffer and die,” Sgt. Clay told WATE. “We felt like we needed to get that dog some help after what it had been through.”

Hero almost didn’t make it through surgery, but he managed to pull through.

Hooray! Hero will have a child to play with in his new home. Pit bulls love children.

hero the dog

He looks pretty happy. Who says good deeds are not rewarded!


7 thoughts on “Hero Stray Pit Bull That Was Slashed While Stopping Stab Attack Gets a Forever Home

    • Yep, I didn’t even bring the race of the stabber up because folks who hang around here know the score. Interesting though is the fact that I didn’t see any info about the perp being arrested. If he got away, I hope it’s only temporarily.

      • On my blog, I describe how “7 Crack Dealers from Oakland” came close to being attacked by me and Sparky, a 120 pound Pit Bull. One week later, Sparky was again behind the counter with me, sleeping on the floor, when a black guy I’d known for about 15 years, walked into the store. The moment he passed over the threshold, the Sparkster went to full General Quarters. I patted him on the head and told him that everything was alright. He laid back down on the floor and went back to sleep. When the guy came to the register, I told him about the crack dealers, and called for Sparky to put his front paws on the counter, so the guy could pet him. Sparky didn’t hesitate, the guy was petting him, Sparky was licking his hand, and I explained, “I’m showing him that not all black people are assholes.” The guy gave me a very strange look.

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  2. Once again it is not the breed. It is the owner. That dog had an owner that was so good that that dog saved the life of a complete stranger. Stop altering the pit bull dog. Stop altering, period

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