German Woman Helping Migrants Targeted By ‘Neo-Nazis’

Karen Larisch

A German woman, a traitor to her race, has been on the receiving end of shunning and shaming, if her story is not a hoax.

Traitors have always paid a price for their treason, as well they should.

You can judge for yourself whether the woman in this story has been treated too harshly by so-called Neo-Nazis.

Excerpt from Sky News

A woman has told how she has been the victim of a terror campaign by Nazi sympathisers due to her part in Germany’s efforts to help migrants.

Karen Larisch, a manager at a refugee drop-in centre in the northeast town of Gustrow, has been targeted at home, with battery acid poured into the reception area of her apartment block in one incident.

In another attack, a firework was posted through the letterbox at the centre.

Graffiti calling her a ‘traitor’ and saying she ‘stinks’ has been daubed on the walls, and she has also been abused online and on the phone.

“There are guys they hate me and every time they see me in this town they are not nice to me, so I’m afraid,” she said.

Gustrow, in a rural part of what would have been the old east Germany, is the kind of place where neo-Nazi sympathisers feel comfortable to openly hurl abuse, said Ms Larisch.

Since Germany took in more than one million migrants last year just a handful have been dispersed to the town, in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state.

At the weekend, anti-immigration nationalist group the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) beat Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats in a state election.

The German leader’s open-door refugee policy was a key issue for voters.

While the AfD was only formed three years ago, it has gained energy and momentum largely because of its anti-immigration stance.

With refugees in Gustrow receiving help at the drop in centre, Ms Larisch said she has paid a heavy price for her kindness.

A group of men she describes as “Nazis” regularly verbally abuse her when they see her, she said.

She believes the same group are behind a campaign of terror – and all because of her work.

As we filmed Ms Larisch, two men she described as “Nazi sympathisers” appeared.

Fearing for her safety, she called the police. After a few minutes, the men cycled off, calling her a “hysterical woman” and saying they were in a “free town”.

karen larisch torment

I asked Ms Larisch how she felt about these kinds of incidents.

“Sometimes I could cry,” she said.

“It’s very hard. They say it would be nice if the refugees raped you, that refugees are bad people.”

She blamed neo-Nazis for putting the firework through the letterbox of the centre and trashing the building.

Well, there would be poetic justice of a sort if Karen was raped by a group of her beloved refugees. And it will happen if she’s not careful. Who knows the mind of this woman? Maybe she wants to be raped.

9 thoughts on “German Woman Helping Migrants Targeted By ‘Neo-Nazis’

  1. “Maybe she wants to be raped”

    Oh, absolutely, but not by whoever, I bet she prefers “rapefugees”, as some other crazy Lefty female weirdos already expressed that. Word rapefugee obviously sounds irresistibly sex-exotic to these worthless cunts.

  2. For a look at how well ‘multiculturalism’ is working, go to:
    htt ps://
    Interestingly, the city has a black mayoress who is pushing for yet more muslim ‘refugees’ to be housed there…
    Wake up, USA. Scams like this are where Obarmy is dishing-out YOUR taxes

  3. She should flee to the waiting arms of her rapefugees. Maybe after gang-raping her they will end her madness by cutting off her empty head to provide an example to other misguided twit-twats like herself?

  4. OOooohhh…those mean ol nazi men are mean to her…wah. What about her being mean to all real Germans by importing turd world invaders?

  5. Well, there would be poetic justice of a sort if Karen was raped by a group of her beloved refugees. And it will happen if she’s not careful. Who knows the mind of this woman? Maybe she wants to be raped…..
    Maybe that what she’s expecting ?? like the Brits say , A good rogering is what she’s dreaming about with some big black doodah ??

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