Batsh*t Crazy Social Justice Warrior is Pornographer, Alleged Madam


First, some background:

Annaliese Neilson is the social justice warrior who verbally attacked an Asian Lyft driver over his little bobblehead hula doll on the dashboard of his car.

Neilson went insane, demonizing the little doll as a symbol of patriarchial white oppression. The story went viral a few days ago. You can read a short version of the story at Here’s the video of Neilson chimping out, as posted by Lauren Southern:

Her stupidity has not been tolerated easily by the Internet.

For example:

In the video below, a foul-mouthed hipster girl (very attractive, I might add) mocks and ridicules Neilson. From her youtube info box:

Published on Aug 31, 2016

Annaliese Nielsen is a brave woman fighting against an oppressive insensitive society which allows men to place extremely offensive dancing hula dolls on their car dashboards. Thank god finally someone stood up to this prick of a Lyft driver. One can only speculate how many passengers prior suffered in silence as they were emotionally damaged by witnessing the swaying to and fro of the hula dancer. Thank you Annaliese.

In honour of your brave and noble actions, I have decided I no longer want to participate in this horrid society and I am purging my house of all of its potentially oppressive contents.


But here’s the best part of the story. Neilson has been revealed to be not just any ordinary social justice warrior, but the creator of the feminist porn site God’s Girls.

The Blumpkin

Annaliese Nielsen Runs Prostitution Ring

This is an excerpt from the one and only Prince Nasir Ali Kalappa originally submitted to back in September 2015:

It has come to my attention that Annaliese Nielsen, real name Lara Nielsen, created a website called ‘God’s Girls’. It is located at She is the Madam that pimps out these girls on her website. If anyone cares to look, you can browse through 38 pages of ‘models’. If someone was interested in a particular prostitute, they could, message them, friend them, or the best feature, view my fave models. This is for if you’d like multiple whores, you could see who their friends are, so that you could book them in bulk to ‘use’ for your outing, Yacht trip, bachelor party or family gathering…

This website is a Go-Pro’s DREAM, there are endless hookers to scroll through, by the looks of some of these girls, I would bet some come VERY cheap….

Annaliese also has a Facebook group where she pimps her best prostitutes, it’s called ‘Girl’s Night In’. On this Facebook they all sit around and pat each other on the back for exposing and using their bodies for financial gain. It’s funny because, they don’t realize they are being exploited by the very person who they think is their all mighty leader…..

This Madam also has a Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram profile, so one may peruse over her hookers that she represents. She has every type of social media so that a perspective Go-Pro could ‘book’ one of her P4P girls…

A source gave me intel on three girls that he had partaken in their ‘services’. Remy Holwick, Sydney Ladd and Shanna Olson. Remy was once a Ford model, was in Rolling Stone magazine and was actually on The Late Show before. After about 2006 her ‘career’ dried up, she became too old and busted to be booked for any accredited publications. She then decided to take up photography where she shoots many girls, this is all a pretense to what her actual reason for photographing these girls are…

Apparently, if the story is to be believed, you too can hook up with a heavily tatted diseased slut with grungy bright colored hair. If you can pay for your play.

gods girls porn

There is so much in this one post that we have to cleanse our culture of. There’s narcissism, stupidity, leftism, social justice warrior rudeness, feminists, porn, prostitution, arrogance, and disrespect.

I’m probably leaving some things out, but you get the idea.

The Jewish media have brought America to this toxic state of affairs. We must never forget who the guilty parties are. Just as important is how are we ever going to fix our culture with numbskull sluts like Nielson empowered by easy Internet money.

Read more at the Wikipedia entry for Annaliese Nielsen.

16 thoughts on “Batsh*t Crazy Social Justice Warrior is Pornographer, Alleged Madam

  1. This posting and video triggered me, I need to retreat to my safe space 🙂 Actually listening to her rant brought up some of my own VERY unpleasant dealings with millennial, female SJW gestapo

    I won’t know what it is about millennial female sjws; they all sound like a chicken being strangled whenever they talk

  2. Women need to get back to the kitchen.
    Off the Internet, no smartphones, no watching porn and whacking off.
    Have children and love her husband. Keep the home clean and tidy while hubby works.
    Who am I kidding? The Jews won and the White Man lost and 1965 (on average) was the turning point in all white nations.

    When or if the muzzies win, girls like this will be stoned to death with rocks.
    Maybe some Africans have the right idea, remove the clitoris from females when they are young. This is not barbaric because African tribes do it as part of their culture, anything blacks do must be good. They also lock up poofters for life.

    • How to get them back to the kitchen and restore decency to our culture is the question. There’s so much money to be made from indecency. God’s Girls is like Suicide Girls, an alt-porn site. The sad thing is that guys actually overpay these tat brats to talk dirty to them. I doubt the story that all of them are prostitutes but some are. All of them OVERVALUE themselves because they’ve been taught to by males.

  3. ‘God’s Girls’. Blasphemers!
    Whores of Babylon! (Jew York especially).
    Tattooed circus ladies!
    Borderline Personality Disorder freaks!
    Lesbians galore.
    Sex addicts.
    Victims of Jew poopaganda.
    Some are Jewesses I believe.
    I hope they are cheap because they look cheap.

    • Bright orange, red, blue,or green hair. Heavy tats. Bisexual. Drugs. Weird. I saw it all at the university a decade ago.It defines feminism today. You can meet them at slut walks, or so they say.

    • I like it when an Antifa type gets his leg broken by Muzzies.Too bad his son got a kicking as well. Maybe the man will rethink his views? Maybe get a skin transplant to become darker?
      Actually a lot of novelists write with Muzzies as baddies, they better start watching their backs.

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