IQ and Skin Tone by Country

iq and skintone

Excerpt from the Daily Stormer

Very interesting.

And yes, East Asians are white in color (while not being Huwhite). It’s a porcelain-type white. They don’t blush. In fact, Huwhites aren’t even really “white” so much as they are a light-pinkish color.

Basically though, the concept is very simple: the lighter your skin tone, the colder the climate you evolved in and the colder the climate you evolved in, the higher levels of intelligence were required for survival. And that’s all evolution is: survival. They used to say “survival of the fittest,” but this term isn’t especially accurate. It is just “survival of those who survive long enough to breed.” Then as a general rule, it would be that the fittest for a certain environment survive.

The reason Whiteness is associated with cold climates, as you probably know, is that your skin needed to be able to produce more vitamin D with most of your body being covered in clothing most of the time. The mainstream establishment completely admits that this evolutionary process took place, but then they claim – completely absurdly – that our skin color was the only thing that changed about our biology. This is actually a metaphysical concept, a perversion of the Christian idea of “all men have souls” (Christianity was a religion which evolved without contact with less-evolved creatures).

As such, the connection between skin tone and IQ is not at all confusing. More interestingly, perhaps, is the connection between skin tone and social trust and morality. Along with higher intelligence, colder climates required more social organization, and thus deeper and wider community bonds. With this, you get higher levels of empathy. Blacks have high levels of empathy for immediate family members, but most other people they will simply kill without thinking about it.

All of the other differences in our intrinsic behavior patterns can also be extrapolated from these evolutionary differences without having to be an evolutionary biologist.

For example:

Darker people have much higher sex drives and fertility rates, due to a much higher mortality rate. They also put less value on an individual life.

Darker people have a much lower happiness and self-esteem threshold, due to less complexity being required for survival. Being easily satisfied would lead to death in colder areas.

White people tend to be more neurotic, as they have much more complicated thinking processes which involve abstract thought and future-planning.

Darker people tend to be much more aggressive and more likely to resort to violence, given that this is how problems were typically solved in their environment. Our problem-solving was much more often related to talking through disagreements and compromising to get along with the community.

And on and on.

I’m fond of quoting an anti-racist, egalitarian white woman who came to this site a month or two ago: “We are all just alike.”

Yes, we are unless you believe in science and believe what your own eyes tell you.


12 thoughts on “IQ and Skin Tone by Country

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  2. I guess I should clarify.
    It is not that lighter skin leads to more intelligence, or more intelligence leads to lighter skin.
    Both traits come from the same source(DNA), rather than one being a cause to another.

    It’s about average values of populations and skin color should not be used as hard proof that an individual is retard or genius.
    For example heavilly tanned european(native), on average will be smarter than albino african.
    However, one can make estimates based off general correlation, before more data is available(like from conversation or something).

    I just felt like saying it, because of my recent conversation with one of those ‘anti-racists’, who completely misinterpreted what I said on a simirar topic and derailed conversation into nonsence.

  3. These are country scores, not ethnic and racial scores. Without immigrants, Europeans score higher than what is listed. For heavens sake, ethnic Germans score at around 108-109. United States is falling, thanks to blacks and millions of Mexicans and Middle Easterners.

    How about Europeans be tested based on ethnicity like HOMOGENEOUS Asian countries. Let’s throw in millions of Middle Easterners and blacks into Asian countries. Let’s see what the scores are then?

  4. I studied every country on the chart. What a shocker. First and foremost it confirms what I already knew. Jews are on averahe less intelligent than whites. Israel gets 95 and they have a “no Coons” policy. Dark skins are not welcome in Israel. So these IQ95s are allowed to control the worlds financial system with no oversight whatsoever, and take as much money as they want. “To each greedy Jew, as much gold as he can carry in a wheelbarrow. From each, as much tax as he is inclined to pay”. IQ95 Karl Marx idea. How come IQ95s are allowed to dominate Harvard and the Ivy League?

    Then to see that black as spades New Guinea people are equal to Syrians. This is also proved by the fact that there has never been a massive civil war in New Guinea. There, tribal wars are resolved by a lot of dressing up in scary outfits, shouting, chanting at each other and chucking a few spears. Casualties are very low, maybe one or two on both sides. This has to be a lot more intelligent than the trench warfare of Flanders 1914 to 1918. I am beginning to come around to the idea that we whites are not half so smart as we say we are. Long term warfare between whites is stupid. How come Melanesians are smarter than the leaders of England and Germany in the 20th Century? BTW, all the top 12 or so Germans on trial at Nuremberg in 1945 had IQs of 130 and above. So high IQ does not always mean good decisions.

    Lastly, good ol’ USA gets 98. Bull. With 40 million blacks from the stupidest countries as shown on the chart, Equatorial Africa, USA should get 95 or less. The spics are not so bright either. Mexico 88 and Venezuela 84, the latter the same as Afghanistan and Nigeria. I do not see how Australia gets the same as the USA. We do not have a lot of Africans – yet – and the Asians are mostly intelligent Chinks. Lots of Lebs, Pakis and Abos though to drag us down, Gyppos, Yugos, lots of other dumbarses. Diversity = stupidity.

    • Ah, but Australia was settled by criminals, correct? Criminality and low IQ are linked. If this is true, then I would expect white Australians to be less intelligent than white Americans. Offsetting that effect would be the waves of white immigrants from Eastern Europe into America.

      • Quite a lot of these criminals were Irish Catholics. Not as brainy as the average English criminal. Very few Scots were transported. The Scots are the brainiest of the UK nations. BTW poofterism among convicts on Norfolk Island was rampant only among the English which was then known as “The English disease”. Not one case of reported buggery by a Scot ever occurred there. (There was a general lack of women in early days Australia, except for Abos).
        But Australia exploded in population during the gold rush starting about 1850 or so. So the effect of criminals is actually quite small genetically. In addition many were innocent of any serious crime anyway. They were just used as slaves, to work as free labor. Many got 14 years for stealing one loaf of bread, and no free return ticket to England either. No great crime when a family is starving.
        Most Australian settlers were free and lots of high quality immigrants such as thrifty, sober, hard working and intelligent Scots.
        Until the shit hit the fan after WWII when low quality imports started of millions of non English speaking people, then Yugos, then Turks, then Lebs, then Chinks, then Pakis and Indians, then Iraqis Gyppos and Afghans, then finally the lowest of the low – Black Africans.

    • “Jews are on average less intelligent than whites. Israel gets 95 and they have a “no Coons” policy.”

      Thanks for pointing that out to the readers. There are fewer Ashkenazi Jews, about 25%, living in Israel than in Western countries accounting for the lower IQ score, proof “Jews” are not smarter than Europeans.

      On average all Jews grouped together are less intelligent than the average of all Europeans. 4 Jewish subgroups, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Ethiopian. Only Ashkenazi have above 100 average IQ’s.

      But, even White Nationalists consistently say Jews are the most intelligent even though they are referring to the subgroup Ashkenazi vs all Europeans as a group. Accurately, it should be Jewish subgroups to European subgroups. I.E., Mizrahi, Sepharidi, and Ethiopian aren’t even close to, say, English, German, Irish, French, Italian, Swiss, etc. But, Ashkenazi’s have the same IQ as ethnic Germans and only a little higher than the English, but, let’s not show Europeans are intelligent!

      Jared Taylor is guilty of frequently saying Jews and Asians are smarter than Europeans. As groups, Asians (think of all Asian ethnicities involved here), as a whole, are not smarter, Jews are not smarter. Chinese and Japanese IQ’s are slightly lower than Germans and Chinese about the same as English.

      • Adding this to last post. Ethiopian Jews are black, which would account for a lower IQ score in Israel, but Sephardi IQ is about 98. Mizrahi, 93. Without Ashkenazi Jews, Israel’s score would be very low, not 95.

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