Dyke Among 51 Hopefuls in this year’s Miss America Contest That Features Ugly Nonwhite Freaks

erin o flaherty

A veritable flood of diversity has washed over the Miss America contest this year. You want beauty? There’s some I suppose. You want ugly? You got it. Nonwhite? Yep. And a lone dyke thrown in for good measure.

Hopefully, the Miss America competition will shut down soon due to financial losses and not be revived until a real beauty contest featuring normal, beautiful white girls is created in New America (or should we call it alt-America?)

Daily Mail

The contestants fighting for the crown at this year’s Miss America pageant are as diverse as the states they represent.

The women from all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, have descended in Atlantic City, New Jersey, filled with talent and ambition.

Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty is notably the first openly lesbian contestant to win a state title, while Arianna Quan, the first Asian-born Miss Michigan, is hoping to shine a light on immigration.

arianna quan

Others are armed with big dreams to work in a zoo with penguins, dance alongside Beyonce and volunteer at an orphanage with NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

Social justice warriors seem to dominate the descriptions. Not a one is willing to say, “I’m looking for a good white man whom I can marry and have a family with.”

Pageant organizers would poop in their pants if a girl came out with that line. As they would if a girl gave the Nazi salute or showed off her swastika tattoo in the swimsuit competition. I’m assuming they still have the swimsuit competition but something tells me the feminists killed it off.

The pageant, now in it’s 96th year, will be a star-studded affair with judges including singer Ciara as well as Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.

Contestants appeared in their crowns and sashes earlier this week ahead of the preliminary rounds on Tuesday as they gear up for the nationally televised finale scheduled on September 11.

In addition to performing their unique talents, the contestant will champion a specific cause, whether it’s raising awareness of allergies or fighting cyber bullying.

Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty has made headlines for becoming the first openly lesbian contestant to win a state title in the Miss America pageant.

After expressing her joy, she was careful to point out that her tenure as Miss Missouri ‘will not be solely about the fact that I’m gay’.

‘While I honor the LGBT community and I am proud to be part of it, I have goals that have nothing to do with my sexuality. I encourage people to understand that this is who I am but it’s not all that I am.’

She has chosen to shine a light on suicide prevention, an issue she says is particularly important with young gay people.

It makes you wonder what color her favorite strap-on dildo is. If Erin didn’t want to be defined by her carpet munching, then why did she bring it up?

Miss America has clearly embraced the harebrained idea that any race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation can be Miss America. How long before a trans “woman” is a contestant, I wonder.

I’m sure there may be a few traditional girls mixed in with the uglies, but here are two that aren’t.

camille simsjustine ker

And here’s the last black Miss America, Caressa Cameron, from the 2010 contest:

Cameron_Caressa miss america 2010

Was it really true that in 2010 there was NO white girl in America with better qualifications than hers? Give me a break.

If we can’t have our own country, can we at least have our own beauty contest?

1939 miss america

A white America should have a white Miss America. A Miss China should be Chinese. A Miss Japan should be Japanese. A Miss Nigeria should be black as coal. And so on. It’s only fair.

26 thoughts on “Dyke Among 51 Hopefuls in this year’s Miss America Contest That Features Ugly Nonwhite Freaks

  1. Whoops, I pressed enter before I had finished my message, I was going to say I hope VB ways in on this piece, for her interest in 1980’s models I would think this story would appeal to her.

  2. What no trannies….oops I mean t-r-a-n-s-g-e-n-d-e-r-e-d in the Miss Dystopia pageant, how bigoted?

    I can’t remember it’s name but a few years ago wasn’t an Afrikan with an unpronounceable name awarded Miss World. I didn’t find anything pretty about her, but the world has spoken.

    Niggers here are getting quite uppity and vocal. I heard them refer to whites as smelling like wet dogs and looking like cavemen. The porch primates feel ever so empowered under the armpits of their Communist pet owners

  3. Pretty White girls should claim to be black transgenders who identify as White heterosexual women. It may confuse the judges long enough for them to get away with it.

  4. I find it refreshing all the women are from such a diverse background as to represent the U.S.A . We having a black president for eight years and the possibility of a woman for president – it’s a great time to be alive. The challenges we face in the future are many; equality for women and minorities, bring back our troops and get them the care and treatment they need and lets not forget to give them benefits they need while they rehab to get a decent job for them and their families. – let’s work together to get it done!

    • hi pufnstuflove, your moniker gives you away. You are a Jew that loves to smoke Weed and vote Democrat! I think Witchiepoo has sold you a bad batch. You have been bummed out. Bad trip man!
      hrpufnstuff – drug pushing show for young kids – was of course crated by a Jew.
      “it’s a great time to be alive.” Only until Obama drops a drone bomb on you!

      Maybe I am in error and you have used Jonathan Swift style wit and satire?

    • The president of whom you speak is a joke. As for a woman president, in Britain we already have had a woman PM and now a second. Take my word for it. It’s no big deal.

      As for bringing back troops, I would agree, in the case of all White countries the enemy lies at home. People such as yourself. The sooner our boys arrive the better.

      puffnstufflove love do you take us for fools ?

  5. Erin O’Fartery looks like a man, not a lezzo. Is she a Tranny?
    Yes many of these contestants are ugly, the 50 best looking out of three hundred million people, say 20 million or so young women of the right age? Many of these contestants could work in an old stye circus freak show.
    Eurovision Song Contest is an extreme form of PC gone mad. This year a Crimean Tartar won. Yes they are Muslims, descendants of Ghengis Khan and quite ugly. Second place was an “Australian” – but ethnically Chinese. Neither Australia nor China are in Europe! Last year the winner was a man with a beard who wears a dress, Concheater.

    So how about Miss Politically Correct USA?
    Winner would be a Sheboon in a wheelchair with one eye and one leg only. She would also be a dwarf and a lesbian with a hunchback. Also ADD/HD with mental disorders. Maybe a man who had had a sex change. Being ugly would help. Welcome to Miss USA, 2026.

    • Erin has big horse teeth,no tits and a hatchet face. She must be a tranny. Only someone with balls would enter a beauty contest looking like her. Here locally, the beauty contests are dominated by Mexicans. There are some attractive Mexican girls, but they generally don’t win the beauty contests, rather it’s the ugly Mexican girls who win. Maybe the fix was in?

      • She also has no hips. She looks like a man, especially her face. What are the strange calluses on both hands at the outside edge near her wrists? Is this from taking it doggy style on the carpet, often? Or surely not from scrubbing floors on her hands and knees? These calluses alone should disqualify her from a beauty pageant.

  6. I reckon anyone getting hand into ‘Erin’s’ pants would be in for a big surprise!

    (Take a look at Maninydjama Maymuru in “Miss World, Australia” – she’s, ermm… different..?)

    • An Abo for Miss World contest representing Australia?
      What next, a Paki for Miss UK?
      Red Indian for Miss USA?
      African woman for Miss France?

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