Denmark: Muslim Who Shot Two Cops, One Civilian, Claimed by ISIS as One of its Own

mesa hodzic dead

Yes, he was a radical, but no it had nothing to do with the shootout, say police.

How laughable is that?

The Local Denmark

The Danish man who shot two police during a drug raid in Copenhagen’s Christiania district earlier this week was an Islamic State group member, the jihadist-linked Amaq news outlet claimed on Friday.

The 25-year-old, named by local media as Mesa Hodzic, shot two police officers and a civilian on Wednesday, and died Friday of gunshot wounds he sustained during his arrest.

“The perpetrator of the attack that targeted the police in Copenhagen is a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the countries of the coalition,” Amaq said, citing an unnamed source, referring to an international alliance battling Isis in Syria and Iraq.

Copenhagen Police said Hodzic had links to the radical Islamist group Millatu Ibrahim and that he sympathised with IS, but that there was no evidence that extremism had inspired the shooting.

Police on Friday had no immediate comment to Amaq’s claim, but terrorist monitoring organization SITE Intelligence Group expressed doubts about the report from the news outlet, which many terrorism experts say operates as Isis’s defacto media arm.

The 25-year-old came to Denmark from Bosnia and Herzegovina aged four, and was arrested in 2010 along with his father and brother on suspicion of repeatedly stabbing a man with a kitchen knife, but was later freed, according to Danish news agency Ritzau.

He had also been arrested on suspicion of committing a violent assault with a knife in 2007.

Every shooting involving a Muslim sends the message that Europe made a huge mistake in allowing them to come and settle in the West. The only way to rectify a mistake like that is to reverse it.

Send the Muslims home, but do it before they overrun the West.

4 thoughts on “Denmark: Muslim Who Shot Two Cops, One Civilian, Claimed by ISIS as One of its Own

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  2. This shit already went over the board since some time, hence are we now in a free fall?

    Bosnian Muslims are mostly autochthone Europeans, and still some do not fit in the Europe. No wonder that non-Euro Muslims are ALL absolutely incompatible with Europe.

    Just watched Sky report about “horrible” accident at the edge of Libyan coastal waters, where few fresh “refugees” drowned before the rest were hastily collected and safely forwarded to Italy for “deportation” across the Europe, as EU fu*ing rescue fleet is on standby near Libyan waters. It wouldn’t be any surprise if “rescuers” are even luring amassed herds from the shore to approach them with whatever they can.

    As Balkan route temporary stopped working, Mediterranean obviously never failed. Officially, already some 250 000 happily arrived in Europe this year, which is bullshit. I could bet this number is at least three times higher, if not even more. There are voices that German air carriers are smuggling “refugees” from Greece and Turkey under cover of night flights.

    Smuggling vermin became incredibly lucrative business across Balkans, as police “proudly” brags with a bit of more intercepts. It seems as smugglers are getting “severe” punishments – symbolic slap on the wrist. From the whole EU, only two countries appear responsible – Austria and Hungary, both are building new higher and better walls. MSM openly announce new millions with incoming Autumn, immediately after Erdogan-Merkel “deal” will collapse, as expected.

    IMO, Merkel-Erdogan “deal” has been an ordinary blatant hoax with purpose to fool slightly disquieted Euro-sheep. Soros said SWALLOW, and Europe swallows. Soros must be shaking from multiple socio-engineered orgasms.

    • There are more than one billion Blacks in Africa right now, not counting Sand Niggers in the North. I do not understand why at least 100 million of them are not marching to Europe right now, today, drinking dams dry, devouring crops and towns as they march. Such a horde will be fed by the West. Everything is free and the Welcome mat is out. All Good! Green Light! Welcome Bludgers!
      Any young adult African male that is not trying o get to Europe or other white country maybe just does not have a TV set or a radio or a mail box or the Internet.
      There will be a real swarm as I mentioned above within about three years is my guess.
      The door will close one day so why not get in now for all the free cash and goodies? Winners can support their larger family back in Africa and they do not even have to work, ever!

      Africa has a new huge export trade – unemployable, illiterate, stupid, violent bums by the tens of millions!

      • Robert, I am disgusted with what Europeans became. Probably 70-80 percent is so incredibly unconcerned with what is happening that it’s almost impossible to explain rationally. Folk for instance that occasionally I am trying to awaken, look at me as a blatant Racist or at least as someone prone of unusual fears. Those that know what is going on are the same people as we are, but we are mostly older and active only on forums and blogs. It’s obvious, as long as their asses remain safe, no one cares. MSM are still their main source of “information”, hence no wonder that it is as it is.

        MSM reported that Merkel CATASTROPHICALLY lost Election in her Home District. Her 19% versus 21% AFD, MSM marked as CATASTROPHE. Mad Cow lost minimally, while SDU (Socialists) collected 30%. How would MSM report 70% AFD victory for instance, as that would be catastrophical defeat, and not lousy 2% score. Obviously Germans need another carpet bombing, this time with TW vermin.

        The only consolation I am finding in the fact that Nazis won federal election, July 1932, with huge gain compared to 28 July 1921. Hence wait and see if Germans will become functional again. Waffen SS were Pan-European force and I hope they will ride again.

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