Cops Use “Racist” Message Board to Mock Black on Black Murder

j ouvert festival murder scene

The J’Ouvert festival in NYC is some sort of Afro-Caribbean parade and assorted mayhem typical of the Negroid species. Police officers are assigned to try to keep the violence to a minimum, but you know how that goes.

So, instead of the media condemning the apes who kill each other, journalists go after cops blowing off a little steam online.

The sacred Negro gods must NEVER be criticized.

New York Daily News

The folks who brought you the J’Ouvert death pool are back, once again pushing the boundaries of good taste.

Posters on an unofficial cop website called Thee Rant Monday posted comments sarcastically jabbing at parade organizers for the violence that broke out along the J’Ouvert celebration route.

By lunchtime, two people had been shot dead, two shot and wounded and one stabbed and wound along the route.

“It’s 0644 on Mon. morning and already we have 4 SHOT with 2 DEAD (shot in face) and we have 1 reported STABBING,” wrote a user posting under the name “Nuthinbudatruth.”

“Godless de Blasion (sic) was on his hands and knees PRAYING FOR THE STORM TO WASH OUT THIS PARADE. You reap what you sow.”

“Well thanks!” replied another poster. “That bit of news was better than a cup of coffee.”

Posters to Thee Rant are often current and retired New York City police officers.

“TrueBlue” wrote, “Maybe the cops will ‘take a knee’ in protest,” referring unfavorably to quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest against deaths of unarmed black men in police custody.

Another poster attempted to delve into some of the policy at issue at the parade.

“Good thing they made them get a permit this year, that sure fixed a lot of problems,” said “WasInTheBag.” “And if they don’t behave, they’ll get a stern talking-to and maybe not get a permit next year!”

“Cosmo kramer” suggested that the NYPD was trying to cover up event violence to satisfy politicians who are sensitive about upsetting Brooklyn’s large Caribbean community.

“There’s probably a memo from some chief ordering Brooklyn precinct commanding officers to browbeat any investigation which shows a link between crimes and the parade,” read the post.

Another post showed a picture of people running from gunfire with the sarcastic slogan: “J’Ouvert Parade and the West Indian Day Parade: Bringing Mayhem to NYC for Generations!”

These comments by police are very mild expressions of disgust with having to clean up the blood and bodies that Negros always leave behind in their wake.

The Daily News article should be viewed for what it is–an effort to deny police officers NORMAL HUMAN EMOTIONS. It’s an effort to destroy the NYPD to further the leftist agenda of a nationalized police force under the control of some leftist bureaucracy in Washington.

Support your LOCAL police, where possible. America needs more white men wearing police uniforms. Preferably race realist white men.

racial profiling funny

13 thoughts on “Cops Use “Racist” Message Board to Mock Black on Black Murder

  1. “J’Ouvert Parade and the West Indian Day Parade: Bringing Mayhem to NYC for Generations!”

    West India, rainbow paradise……..
    From Bob Marley offical website (Marley like POOFTUS O’Bumster was 50% white).
    “The show is created to heal political factions, lift the people’s morale and provide a sense of solidarity and peace in Jamaica. On the night of December 3rd, an attempted assassination is made on Bob’s life during rehearsals for the “ Smile Jamaica “ concert at 56 Hope Road in Kingston Jamaica. A bullet grazes Bob’s chest ending up in his left arm, Bob’s wife Rita is shot in the head, and his manager Don Taylor suffers gunshot wounds to body.”T

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  3. Hello my human brother. I don’t understand why people have so much hate in their heart’s why can’t they just try love for once in there life. There’s good, bad, ugly and pretty in all of The human race. We are all humans, we bleed red, we have feelings and emotions like anyone else. There’s a purpose and a reason we was placed on the planet we call Earth if it was meant for us to be separated on the basics of skin color we could have been placed on a planet in a galaxy far far away never to be found because there’s billions and billions of planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone and outside of this galaxy there’s trillions of more galaxies it just comes to show how Grand the creator of this universe is and how diverse the creator of this universe is because if it was truly meant for us to be separated we could have been separated we are all human beings and we will all die if its young old or middle-aged its bound to happen but why would you want to go to your death bed with Hate in Your Heart not knowing what happens after death. I love you my human brother or sister no matter your skin color can you say the same? Remember hate comes from the Devil and Racism=Hate. “To all the racist people I urge you to try love for once in your life” 💕

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