Body of White Boy Missing 27 Years Found, Pedophile Arrested

jacob wetterling

How do you get the suspect in a 27 year old disappearance to confess to the crime? Fox9 reports that Danny Heinrich struck a deal with law enforcement in exchange for leading police to Jacob Wetterling’s remains.

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Excerpt from Star Tribune

For almost three decades, Minnesotans kept their porch lights burning, hoping Jacob Wetterling might find his way home.

Those hopes were crushed Saturday when they learned that a longtime suspect in the 1989 disappearance had led authorities to the remains of the 11-year-old, whose abduction from St. Joseph stunned Minnesotans and changed the way parents watch over their children.

“Our hearts are broken,” Jacob’s mother, Patty Wetterling, texted to the Star Tribune on Saturday morning. “We have no words.”

Jacob was snatched off his bike, half a mile from his home, by a masked man with a gun on a dark October night. Danny Heinrich, a suspect first questioned shortly after Jacob’s disappearance and now in federal custody on child pornography charges, provided investigators with the information that led to the boy’s grave, hidden on a Paynesville farm.

At the time of Wetterling’s abduction, Heinrich lived in Paynesville, about 30 miles southwest of St. Joseph, with his father.

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday that dental records confirmed that the remains were Jacob’s. Additional DNA testing will be conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

A source with direct knowledge of the investigation told the Star Tribune that Heinrich, 53, led authorities to the remains in recent days.

Federal and state investigators working the case said little more Saturday about the break in the case, or what prompted Heinrich, who has been in federal custody since last October, to finally disclose what happened to Jacob.

The Sheriff’s Office said authorities are “reviewing and evaluating new evidence” and expect to provide more details later this week.

Heinrich’s attorney could not be reached Saturday for comment.

Jacob’s abduction shattered the entire state’s sense of safety. He became the face of thousands of other missing and exploited children, and his disappearance became the driving force behind the creation of national databases for registered sex offenders.

The search for him spanned not only decades, but also continents, as investigators chased some 50,000 leads. In the end, the search ended in the same county where it began.

The Wetterlings, who never gave up hope that Jacob might somehow return to them, struggled Saturday to find words for the mystery that had officially become a tragedy.

“Our family is drawing strength from all your love & support,” Patty Wetterling said on Twitter. “We’re struggling with words at this time. Thank you for your hope.”

As they grieved, their hometown grieved with them, with mourners leaving yellow bouquets at the entrance to the driveway of the family’s home and decorating downtown shops with white ribbons.

Ellie Quarry, of rural Little Falls, who lived in St. Joseph at the time of the abduction, said of Patty Wetterling, “She held out hope right to the very end. God, I prayed for that.”

Heavy offers a look at the history of the suspected killer.

Charley Project has information on the kidnapping.

Looking at the suspect sketch from the date of the kidnapping and knowing that Heinrich was looked at early on, it seems like he could have been busted sooner.


6 thoughts on “Body of White Boy Missing 27 Years Found, Pedophile Arrested

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  2. “11-year-old….Jacob was snatched off his bike, half a mile from his home, by a masked man with a gun on a dark October night. ”

    What kind of parent (Jacobs father) allows an 11 year old to ride their bike alone after dark? Maybe Jacob did this without permission which was reckless and stupid of him. The chances of death by being hit by a car is probably 1000 times greater than the risk of being abducted and murdered. Even today. Especially if the kids bike has no front or rear tail light which is highly likely with an 11 year old.

    “Jacob’s abduction shattered the entire state’s sense of safety.” This is media spin and basically a lie. The safe days of the heavily white 1950s and 1960s were long gone by 27 years ago, this would be about 1989. Parents knew all about stranger danger etc long before 1989.

    “Our hearts are broken,” Jacob’s mother, Patty Wetterling, texted to the Star Tribune on Saturday morning. “We have no words.” This mother must have been seriously deluded for 27 years if she thought her son was safe and healthy. She should feel relief at knowing the truth which she probably always guessed at.

    Whilst it is good to publicise the evils of pedophiles, I knew the pedo would be white even before I started reading. This is not good publicity for the white man and plays in to the hands of the Left. In Australia the Govt for decades has posted ads on TV and even put booklets in to every letterbox in Australia warning of the dangers of men. “Men are dangerous. Watch out!” Is the essential message. “Stranger Danger”. Or even “husband danger” and “father danger” is strongly hinted at.

    Yet of course there is no defense against armed men in cars and wearing masks, especially one that small children could use. Worrying about such attacks and kidnappings are like worrying about being hit by lightning or falling trees. I.e. you use common sense precautions but do not think about such things 24 hours a day, or anytime when not actually under a large tree or when a storm is near. Anyway, another reason to lock up at night because a pedo could steal you kid while they are sleeping at home with you.

    • That same anti-male vibe permeates the states too. As to the perp being white, I also knew he would be before seeing him. What we have in the states is a political lobby claiming that a guy like this is NOT a homosexual. They are desperate to keep men like him from being identified as “gay.” I used to go on the Huffington Post every chance I got and proclaim guys like him as homos, which would infuriate the brain dead liberals who dominated on that site.

    • he was with his brother and a friend from what i remember he was not alone. He was snatched off his bike, he did not go with a stranger. And they just ran down the street to the corner store/gas station….nothing wrong with that. We did just that several times as kids. Think before you speak get your details in order before you blast a parent.

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