Black Women Outraged at Kanye West’s Casting Call for “Multiracial” Models


Overpaid, overhyped no talent “celebrity” Kanye West proves again that he has no class. This black bastard should be taught by other blacks to be loyal to his race.

Page Six

Kanye West is under fire for posting a casting call for “multiracial women only” while looking for models for his upcoming New York Fashion Week show.

But critics on social media — black and white — said the rapper’s move got under their skin.

“This is a major issue. In an industry that consistently cuts Black models out, you do this?! You are the absolute worst. Truly,’’ one woman tweeted under the handle @KatchKenda.

Others cited West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, and his biracial ex-girlfriend Amber Rose as evidence that he prefers light-skinned ladies.

“Multiracial = ethnically ambiguous = Amber Rose-ish = Kardashian-y = mixed = no Black women allowed,” one woman calculated.

Another tweeted, “Now imagine if a white singer said ‘WHITE WOMEN ONLY’?”

Outrage aside, dozens of women lined up for the audition at Jack Studios on West 26th Street on Sunday.

West is set to debut a fashion line at his Fashion Week showcase on Wednesday.

Hey, all you liberals who claim that only white people can be racist. What do you call Kanye West’s preference for light-skinned women?

amber rose

If Kanye ever unleashes his inner nigger, he’ll ditch these almost white girls who wannabee white and go for the real thing.

Recall all his interactions with Taylor Swift? That’s what muh dik really craves.

kanye west taylor swift

Hey Taylor! Ain’t ya heard? “Avoid the groid.”

3 thoughts on “Black Women Outraged at Kanye West’s Casting Call for “Multiracial” Models

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  2. Now if all those race-mixing men from the liberal camp and the alt-right camp alike would just unleash their inner CRACKER, they’d all be going for the real thing too.

    In my three decades, I’ve seen less beautiful women, than I have fingers, across all the races in-between black and white – and only a single black woman who would qualify. But of Europeans, I’ve seen so many that I’ve lost count… what other race (species, really) can claim this?


    There are thousands upon thousands of European women who I’d call “the most beautiful woman in the world” – their beauty is so diverse and rich, I just can’t choose a favorite. She’s the celebrity led astray by the genocidal program known as Holllywood culture. She’s one of several teachers I had in 13 years of school. She’s the girl next door. She’s the cashier / waitress I see when collecting my daily necessities or don’t feel like cooking. She could even be one of your commenters. And she’s the one who got away.

    Heil Taylor Swift!

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