Avowed White Supremacist Runs Over Black Teen, Killing Him


White supremacists who kill Negros never seem to engage in their criminal acts with any degree of sophistication.

The object of the game is to not get caught when you murder people. This couple were caught immediately. Dylan Storm Roof was caught within 24 hours.

What’s wrong with these people?

Excerpt from the Portland Mercury

Russell Courtier, 38, and his girlfriend Colleen Hunt, 35, pulled their red Jeep Wrangler up to the 7-Eleven on the corner of East Burnside and 188th just before midnight on August 10. The convenience store was only a few blocks from the apartment complex where the couple lived with Courtier’s parents.

Outside, a young man named Larnell Bruce, half Courtier’s age, was charging his cell phone at an outlet along the wall, a female acquaintance later told police. He had moved to Gresham to live with his mother and his young brother six months earlier.

The crossing of the two men’s paths would prove deadly.

Within moments, a full-on fistfight had ensued—the white Courtier and African American Bruce swinging at each other and wrestling.

“Get him, baby,” Hunt urged her boyfriend, “Get him, baby!”

larnell bruce

Courtier smashed Bruce’s head into the store’s front window, cracking a pane of glass. The 7-Eleven clerk dialed 911. When Bruce pulled out what cops described as a machete, Courtier stopped fighting with his fists. Instead, he and Hunt got back in the Jeep—the weapon they’d use to kill the 19-year-old as he fled on foot.

The couple turned left out of the parking lot, trying to run Bruce down. They missed the first time, as the teen turned to run the other way on the sidewalk.

According to a prosecutor’s affidavit, Courtier turned and chased Bruce “across oncoming lanes of traffic and then intentionally struck him with the front of the vehicle.” Police showed up within moments, finding the teen in the middle of the street with blood rushing from his head and ears. He’d be declared dead a couple of days later.

Gresham police spotted the Jeep shortly after it hit Bruce and pulled the pair over. Courtier and Hunt admitted to intentionally hitting Bruce, according to police. A grand jury indicted them both for murder on August 18.

It’s not yet known exactly what started the fight or why Courtier allegedly chose to mow Bruce down as he was running away. Authorities have yet to publicly release a motive, and witnesses at the scene told police they didn’t know of one.

What the Mercury has learned, however, is that Courtier has spent a significant chunk of his adult life in Oregon prisons for weapons and violent crimes. (He was on parole the night he killed Bruce, following a prison term for attacking a woman with a knife in 2013.) Courtier is also a long-time member of a white supremacist prison gang called European Kindred (EK).

EK began in 1998 at the Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) in Malheur County. Its founder, David Kennedy, wanted “to protect our own people in this joint,” the Southern Poverty Law Center quoted him as saying. The gang would soon spread to Oregon’s other prisons.


His tattoos will convict Courtier with a white jury or mixed race jury, fearful of violent white men with criminal records and prison tattoos. This outcome is likely to be true even though Larnell had a machete. A judge will probably rule that those tats can be entered into evidence.

Jeez, do all Negros carry machetes now? What does Larnell’s criminal record look like? Young Negros like him don’t just move to a small Oregon town for no reason. You have to suspect that he too had an extensive criminal record.

Just as I did not support Dylan Storm Roof’s murder of nine blacks in church, so I do not support Courtier’s decision to kill Larnell. This does not help our movement. It gives the SPLC a real villain to demonize for fund raising. It gives the liberal press a case that they can point to that actually may have a white supremacist at the heart of it.

Comments at liberal site Cubic Lane. are mixed. Some of the comments show a very definite disgust with black criminality and a desire to rid America of the black menace. Other comments, by blacks, have a different take.

12 thoughts on “Avowed White Supremacist Runs Over Black Teen, Killing Him

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  2. I love it! The white man did not back down. It doesn’t hurt our cause. You only need 10% to get things moving. As with the American Revolutionary War, it was 10% who actively supported it. The others just wanted to stay out of trouble.

    • I’ll take your point under advisement and think about it. We don’t know who started the fight though. If Courtier was attacked by Larnell I would feel more comfortable agreeing with you. But like I said, I’ll think about it.

      • http://www.oropenreports.com/records/40254243/larnell+malik+bruce

        Four recent arrests for the black guy. His friends say he was struggling with addiction and living the street life. I’d love for the video footage to be released to see who started it, but either way, I’m glad we have guys like Courtier who don’t take any shit. A regular white civilian without a hard background would have been stabbed, and it would never be reported except on newnation.org

      • Big nig,too. Looking at his record, I’d guess he started it. I’m sure there were more arrests outside Oregon. Your link only covers Oregon. Four arrests in six months there. The newspaper knew this, the bastards. They covered up for him. Bastard reporters.

    • I agree Mike. Like most blacks I have solidarity for our white men, men like David Lane. I don’t want his death to be in vain. Look up Kathy Ainsworth, a white woman the feds murdered because she opposed integration.

  3. “When Bruce pulled out what cops described as a machete, Courtier stopped fighting with his fists.”
    Is the white men meant to fight with his fists while a black waves a machete?
    I think the running down was self defense. The black man attacked the white man with a deadly weapon. The white man then used the only weapon handy to him, his car, this happened during the fight not the next day. So it was a fair and equal fight and the black man lost. This is not murder and not even manslaughter. However yes the mans background may convict him where a normal law abiding citizen might get off.

    Did this white guy ever say “I am a white supremacist”? This is Jew Spew. He is a member of a group that supports whites. “Courtier is also a long-time member of a white supremacist prison gang called European Kindred (EK).” Do EK ever call themselves “White Supremacists”? My guess is no.

    This supports my argument to never agree with the enemy Jew lie that you are a racist, fascist, Nazi or White Supremacist. If you agree, especially in writing such as on Social Media or internet rants, you might end up in jail for a very long time.

    • You make some very good points here. We should contact Courtier’s lawyer and give him your talking points. As I’ve said before, you missed your calling as an attorney. That said, Courtier is toast. No jury will let him off. And the judge probably won’t even allow the dead nig’s criminal record into evidence.

      Your last paragraph makes a point I’ve thought of before, but even milquetoast Jared Taylor would be demonized as a White Supremacist. There is no continuum. It’s binary. Either you’re a PC egalitarian or you’re a racist/white supremacist. Even one comment on Facebook,etc. would get you labeled as such. Which is why we for the most part maintain our anonymity.

      • It is one thing to be labelled by others. But to say “I am a Nazi” might be a problem if you accidentally run over a black person. Nobody will believe it was an accident. Same if you shoot a black invading your home. “Self declared Nazi shoots unarmed black teen” scream the headlines.

        “you missed your calling as an attorney.” Maybe that is so, or politics maybe. “Comes the hour, comes the man”. My hour did not arrive. It is not too late, depends what happens in the future, there is always some luck involved. But I am getting on a bit. At the least I will start a blog one day. Warming up here in this Safe Space, where Paladin deletes those nasty (((troll))) posts.
        I was driven off other boards such as Yahoo by mean trolls say ten years ago. I guess I was too sensitive. I have now hardened up and ready for the Struggle.
        “My Struggle” no that title has been used before.

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