Switzerland Betrayed: Government Set to Negotiate Compromise With EU on Immigration

guns in switzerland

Being a member of the European Union means you give up your sovereignty. The EU dictates who your population will be, not you.

The Swiss voted for immigration curbs. Their government is giving in to the EU and opening the country’s borders to migrants.

This action is unacceptable in a democracy. The Swiss, armed as they are, should send a message to their government.


Switzerland skirted a direct clash with the European Union over immigration curbs on Friday when a parliamentary panel rejected the government’s threat to impose unilateral quotas on foreigners next year in favour of a compromise.

The lower house committee drafting legislation on the politically sensitive topic instead proposed giving local people hiring preference as a way to ease pressure on domestic job markets without infringing too much on EU free movement rules.

Negotiations that neutral Switzerland conducts with the EU to resolve the matter will be scrutinised for potential hints of what kind of deal Britain might expect following its June vote to leave the bloc.

The compromise bill, criticised by the far-right Swiss People’s Party (SVP) as too vague and a betrayal of voters’ demand for quotas in a 2014 referendum that must be implemented by February, now moves to the full lower house for debate.

Kurt Fluri, a committee member from the pro-business Liberals party, said the committee had “rejected that the government should be able to decide measures that violate the free movement of people”.

He said most members of the panel wanted to preserve bilateral economic accords that enshrine the principle of free movement in return for enhanced Swiss access to the EU’s common market, which takes most exports from the Alpine republic.

These accords will be jeopardised if the Swiss unilaterally restrict EU immigration.

Free movement of people is a cornerstone of EU policy. Britain voted in June to leave the EU, in large part to stop unlimited immigration of EU citizens that critics say has pressured job markets, social services and schools.


The European Commission, which faces years of similar negotiations on migration rules with Britain, has shown little inclination to accommodate Switzerland or budge from insistence the Swiss respect free movement rules or lose trade benefits.

Brussels believes that any compromise with Switzerland would heighten demands from Britain.

One EU source said Bern and Brussels had agreed a provisional timetable, with Switzerland encouraged not to rush through any legislation but to wait until mid-December.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is to meet Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann on Sept. 19 in Zurich with the aim of putting together a joint text outlining the way forward. The Commission would seek to involve EU member states from October, the source said.

The Swiss have a lot of negotiating power here. They should use it.

The real problem is the EU’s purpose, which is to destroy national boundaries and nations. A Pan-European partnership in which each country retains its sovereignty is needed. With Brexit, the EU is teetering on the verge of collapse. At least, I hope so.

6 thoughts on “Switzerland Betrayed: Government Set to Negotiate Compromise With EU on Immigration

  1. After I watched Soros lecturing in the EU parliament, this came as no surprise at all. (((PTB))) and their Goyim poltroons are just (((steaming))) full power.

  2. so…the traitors in the Swiss government dont think ‘the government should decide measures that violate the free movement of peoples’ huh? Just try to emigrate to Switzerland [if youre white] and obtain citizenship…easier to get Killary to tell the truth. Ive looked into it.
    The last [national] bastion of right thinking and common sense in this world has fallen. (((theyll))) be coming for their guns next and conscripting Swiss citizens into nato or some nefarious ‘un’ force.
    Buy Swiss products now – before long theyll all be red chinese junk, and even the Rolex line will be assembled by cultural enrichers.

  3. Government Set to Negotiate Compromise With EU on Immigration?? Paladin..That mean shit.. The Swiss government will have to ratify that law by a referendum, not a Senate or the House of Lords, but the people ?? & it has shit chance to pass ! The Swiss people are very jealous of their Neutrality & Independence ….

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