Social Justice Warriors Turn Their Attention to Calais “Jungle” Camp Again

calais jungle children

Social justice warriors visit the Calais jungle camp in France that houses African invaders. They find living conditions to be appalling, perhaps forgetting that the African is incapable of improving his own living conditions. Thus, they demand that the young black as coal Africans be admitted to Britain to parasite and terrorize the white British.

Sky News

Not a single child has been helped to leave the Calais migrant camp despite changes to the UK’s Immigration Act four months ago which were meant to assist them.

Labour peer Lord Dubs made the revelation during a tour of the so-called ‘Jungle’ camp in the French port town.

“There are 800 unaccompanied children in this camp and 387 now have the right to go to Britain, but not one has,” he told Sky News.

Good grief! There’s 387 public charges that would cost the British taxpayer in welfare benefits plus increased crime.

Oy vey! This is supposed to be bad news?

Yes, if you’re a leftard race traitor.

“I’m appalled and I’m terribly disappointed. I’ll be meeting with the new immigration minister soon and I will be bringing this up.

“We can’t keep doing nothing.”

Lord Dubs, 83, came to Britain as a child refugee during World War II after fleeing his native Czechoslovakia and the invading Nazis.

He was accompanied on the trip to the Calais camp by the actress and veteran political activist Vanessa Redgrave.

vanessa redgrave

Referring to the French government’s plan to bulldoze the entire site by Christmas, she said: “I feel like I am in Richard III or in the time of Shakespeare, where he’s writing about these terrible historical characters. And it’s happening again.

“It’s absolutely dreadful here. No child or adult should be living like this.”

Poor Vanessa. So many feels.

my-feels gif

How about saving some of those feels for the white British children and taxpayers who would be victimized by these savages, Vanessa?

It never occurs to these SJWs that the West has no room for all the world’s so-called refugees. And it never occurs to them that once the West is overrun with them that conditions will be just like what they fled.

Meaning that the West would fall to pieces, coming to resemble a third world slum.

9 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors Turn Their Attention to Calais “Jungle” Camp Again

  1. “Gorgeous” and substantially dried out Vanessa was known as an orthodox Lefty, as far as I can remember. I wish her many more years of her dried out life, just enough to get chance and personally experience SOMETHING WONDERFUL from her own “progressiveness”

  2. Well….since she is SO worried about them, why doesnt she stay there and help? Of course, she could begin by donating several of HER millions of dollars to the cause…
    typical damned communist (((hollyweird type)))

  3. It’s people like Lord kike and Redgrave that are totally responsible for the negro’s plight.
    They are the one’s that insist we send aid to African countries which then use the artificial food supply as a sign to start a breeding program similar to that of flies. Their dumb negro minds can not sustain even a meagre living in Africa so they begin the long journey to Europe where hopefully the equally dumb leftists will look after them until they die of old age, after having approximately 15 plus children each.

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