PooinLoos Get First Song Dedicated to Poo

mr poo in india

I’m not sure why the issues relating to pooping in the streets of India are not well known in the West. To help, roll back the ignorance, here’s a short post on Mr. Poo, pictured above, and the campaign to encourage Asian Indians to use toilets rather than dumping in the streets.


“Take Poo to the Loo”,[2] commonly shortened to “Poo2Loo”,[1] is an ongoing Indian social media campaign led by Unicef to combat the country’s problems with open defecation. It has been praised for its innovative approach.

Times of India reported that the idea was developed and initiated in March 2014 after a sanitation conference was organised by Unicef India and the Indian Institute of Technology as part of the larger Total Sanitation Campaign, which the Indian government launched in 1999.[1]

Poo2loo calls on Indians to “take the pledge” and show support by signing the following petition addressed to President Pranab Mukherjee:[3]

Hon’ble President of India,
I call on you as Head of State to ensure that India rises to the challenge of ending open defecation. As a citizen of India, I am proud of our country’s rich and varied culture; we have a beautiful land. However, over 620 million people do not use a toilet and nearly as many accept this practice. The result is an unacceptable level of filth in our environment. This is why I have chosen to take a stand and raise my voice with that of many other young people. We want our sisters and brothers to survive, grow and develop as healthy individuals in a clean country. We urgently request your help. Together we can change India.

The website of the movement contains many puns and some unusual media, including a simple educational video game called Toilet Trek. The official mascot of the movement is antihero “Mr. Poo”, an animated human-sized turd.[4][5]

What a happy tune. Dedicated to our great friends in India.

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